Cotton Threads for Bobbin Needle Lace
Tatting, Crochet & embroidery

Brok Cotton

Brok Cotton
This mercerized cotton has a soft sheen and is perfectly twisted for both bobbin and needle lace.

Brok 50/3 ecru (1000m)
Brok 100/3 ecru (1.000m)

*Brok 100/3 white (discontinued)
*Replaced by fil chinois
Brok 32/2 white, ecru (500m)
*Brok 36/2 white, ecru (discontinued)
*Replaced by fil chinois
Brok 60/2 ecru (1.000m)
Brok 80/2 white 1.000m)
Brok 100/2 ecru (1.000m)
Brok 120/2 white, ecru (1.000m)
Brok 140/2 white, ecru (1.000m)
Brok 160/2 white (1.000m)
Brok 170/2 white (1.000m

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton An excellent lacemaking thread made from long-staple Egyptian cotton. The white is a soft white. Is excellent for bobbin lace and needle lace and white work embroidery gives a soft smooth look to the work.

40/3 white,optic white (500m) ----------
100/3 optic white, ecru (1000m) -------
36/2 optic white, ecru (1000m) ---------
50/2 optic white, ecru (1000m) ---------
60/2 optic white, ecru (1000m) ---------
70/2 optic white, ecru (1000m) ---------
80/2 opticwhite, white,ecru (1000m)---
100/2 white, ecru (1000m) ---------------
120/2 optic white, ecru (1000m) --------
140/2 optic white, ecru (1000m) --------
160/2 optic white (1000m) ---------------
170/2 optic white, ecru (1000m) --------
185/2 optic white, ecru (1000m) --------

Egyptian Cotton Fil au Chinois

Egyptian Cotton Fil au ChinoisA mercerized thread exceptionally smooth, resistant and glossy. Excellent for bobbin lace and needle lace.

24/3 white, ecru (500m)
40/3 white, ecru (1.000m)
36/2 white, ecru, black (1.000m)
50/2 white, ecru, black (1.000m)
60/2 white, ecru, black (1.000m)
70/2 white, ecru, black (1.000m)
80/2 white, ecru, black (1.000m)
100/2 white, ecru, black (1.000m)
120/2 white, ecru, black (1.000m)
140/2 white, ecru, black (1.000m)
170/2 white, ecru, black (1.000m)

Cocons calais Fil au Chinois

Cocons calais Fil au Chinois Calais Cocoons Fil au ChinoisSolid tones and variegated for bobbin lace, needle lace, embroidery & tatting.
It has a wonderful Egyptian 100% mercerized cotton made in France. This beautiful and colorful lace thread is presented in small cocoons of 5 grams (110m), making them easy and pleasant to use, The thread is pulled from the center, avoiding knots and wastage. It is made of 3 strands of twisted mercerized cotton, (equivalent of DMC n#80). It is named Calais as a tribute to the town of the same name famous for its lace.
Available in soft and bright colors. The variegate tones (see bobbins shown with arrow), can be mixed with the solid tones, the color tone is the same silken sheen and is available in a wide variety of weights and stunning collours.
Is a favourite for all of those who want color in his work.

*See colors below
Cocons calais Fil au ChinoisCocons calais Fil au ChinoisCocons calais Fil au Chinois




Venus Venus N˚70, 5G (100m) Wonderful 100% cotton thread, with a wide variety of compatible colours. Appropriate for bobbin lace, needle lace and tatting the thickness is comparable to Goldschild 100/2, between Bochens Linen 60/2 and 80/2 $5.00

*See colour chart below