Emilie Krüger$68.00
Ulrike Voelcker
Emilie Krüger This new books has 23 pricking of different techniques (3 Chantilly, 3 Blondes, 3 Polychrome Blondes, 1 free lace, 2 Guipure, 2 Valenciennes, 2 Rib and Roll, 2 Mechlinr, 2 Flanders, 3 Barjac Ombrée).
English, Gernan
Barjac Ombrée$65.00
Ulrike Voelcker
Barjac Ombrée Once again Ulrike amazes us with this new book where she tells us about her trip to France, her discoveries and also teaches new techniques long used in Torchon. A must have with 34 patterns, pricking and color diagrams for each one.
English, German
Caen kant special$48.95
Caen kant special On the occasion of the OIDFA congress in Caen, the Kantcentrum teachers have issued another folder of 21 patterns with a wide variety of techniques: Lille, Flanders, Binche, Fine Bloomwork, Valenciennes, Russian, Torchon, Mechlin, Rococo, Rosaline and modern designs.
English, French, German
Mille fleurs $65.95
Kumiko Nakazaki




Mille fleurs  A beautiful folder on flowers in a variety of techniques. 8 elegant designs in fine Binche, one in Flanders Lace, and one in Point de Paris, 6 in fine Duchesse, 9 colourful flowers in a free hand technique and more. Each design includes a pricking, color technical drawing, andphoto of the finished lace.
English, Japanese
Jagd nach strich und faden$29.50
Ulrike Voelcker
Jagd nach strich und fadenThis book is a collection of patterns of Chantilly Valenciennes, Mechlin Point de Lille, and Blond etc. Black and white diagrams illustrations and explanations.
Adelaide Kantspecial
Adelaide Kantspecial This is a pattern folio put out by OIDFA for the 2014 World Lace Congress in Adelaide, Australia. It includes 20 patterns in lace styles that include Torchon, Valenciennes, contemporary, Paris, Point Ground, Wezelse Kant, Chrysanten Bloemwerk, Flanders, Brugs Bloemwerk, Chantilly, Old Vlaamse Pottenkant, Florence Lace, Binche, Russian, etc.
English, French, German and Dutch,
Schmetterlinge, flieg $22.50butterflies
Ulrike Voelcker
Schmetterlinge, flieg butterfliesUsing techniques from the free laces like Duchesse, Withof & Honiton, Ulrike Löhr has designed two exceptional books depicting butterflies and bugs. Extraordinarily realistic designs and superb execution.
English, Slovenian
Weinmotive in Klöppelspitze$48.00
Barbara Corbet
Weinmotive in Klöppelspitze 7 patterns on different techniques: Schneeberg, Torchon, Duchesse, Milanaise. Point de Lille, Flandres, Binche. All fully diagrammed.
Ljubljana kant Special-Basic$45.00
Kantcentrum Brugge
Ljubljana kant Special-BasicThe Basic folder contains several Torchon mats, one in Russian tape lace and one in Grof Bruges flower lace. Also edgings for mats in Cluny and point ground lace and a necklace in needle lace. You will find details about the materials required, the lace pricking and a coloured working diagram.
French, German and English
Ljubljanakant Special-Expert$45.50
Kantcentrum Brugge
Ljubljanakant Special-Expert TheExpert folder contains a collection of more demanding patterns: edgings for round mats in Binche, Valenciennes and Beveren lace, a flower motif in Duchesse, a fan in rococo lace and medallions in Binche and Mechlin lace. The highlight – as in many previous folders – is the reconstruction of a piece of old Flanders lace worked by Bärbel Fleck. The materials required, the lace pricking and a coloured working diagram are given on the pattern sheets.
Dutch, French, German and English
7 x Extra $38.00
7 x Extra A folder with 7 beautiful patterns, prickings and working diagrams. Oval, Square, octagonal and one inset in different techniques like Valenciennes, Flanders and Paris lace.
Dutch, French and English
Dentelle des montagnes $29.95
Michelle Andreu
Dentelle des montagnes  A second book in lace of Queyras of the western Alps which was originally freehand lace. The author has now prepared colored working diagrams and pricking for modern lace makers. Contains 25 patterns taken from museum pieces.
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