Dentele de lille du puy$60.00
Patrimoine de la dentelle
Dentele de lille du puyThis book proposes 35 motifs in point ground (Lille du Puy), in France. The motives include borders, round and oval motives at the intermediate level It makes you discover a kind of lace forgotten since the late nineteenth century and then practiced in the city of Puy-en-Velay.
English, German
Ulrike Voelcker
VON HERZENA matter of the heart her newest publication. A workbook which explains step by step techniques for advanced point ground lace, 18 patterns in different degrees of difficulty, explain different problems in point ground laces and show the solutions.
English and German
Emilie Krüger$68.00
Ulrike Voelcker
Emilie KrügerThis new book has 23 prickings of different techniques (3 Chantilly, 3 Blondes, 3 Polychrome Blondes, 1 free lace, 2 Guipure, 2 Valenciennes, 2 Rib and Roll, 2 Mechlin, 2 Flanders, 3 Barjac Ombrée).
English and German
Bobbin Lace Stars$48.50
Dana Mihulková und Irena Ring
Bobbin Lace Stars26 patterns for bobbin lace stars in point ground and/or honeycomb ground. The diameter of the stars is 10 or 14 cm and the pairs of bobbins used are 17 or 21 which seems not much compared to other point ground laces. Also, the used threads are thicker. Included for each pattern, photo, pricking and color-coded diagram
German and English
Beveren Lace/Beverse Kant$65.00
Michael Giusiana/ Nadine Pauwels / Sally C. Barry
Beveren Lace/Beverse KantBeveren lace is a type of lace with continuing threads and variant of point ground lace. It comes from the town of Beveren. The laces are based on cloth work adorned with a gimp thread enriched with eyelets, tally filling, rose ground and snowflakes. This book describes the technicalities and special features of this kind of point ground lace. Provides 21 patterns, lace pricking, working diagrams and illustrations of the finished lace.
English and Dutch
Point Ground and Picots$62.00
Bobbi Donnelly, Michael Giusiana, Iben Eslykke Kristensen und Nancy Carnegie
Point Ground and PicotsIn this 262 pages book the author explains how to making Geometrical Bucks Point Lace. Therefore, the lace maker will learn fundamental lessons on where to begin and end the work, how to design a corner for a piece of lace and how to create an hexagonal mat based on a pattern for straight lace. The book includes 33 projects with a pricking for each pattern, illustrations of the finished work and enlargements of details.
English, Danish
Spiderweb and Dreams$62.00
Bobbi Donnelly, Michael Giusiana, Iben Eslykke Kristensen und Nancy Carnegie
Spiderweb and Dreams The cross cloths were worn over the cap by married women in Denmark in the first half of the 19th century. Nancy Carnegie worked the reconstructed lace and Ben Lykke Kristensen provided the cultural historical explanations. 25 Tønder lace patterns from old "cross cloths" from the collection of the Museum Sønderjylland Kulturhistorie Tønder. Some narrow lace (about 2 cm wide) but also lace which is 7 to 9 cm wide. For each pattern there is an illustration, the lace pricking and a coloured working diagram.
Danish, English and German
Devon Trolly Lace, Patterns and Lace for Queen Victoria $54.50
Carol McFadden
Devon Trolly Lace, Patterns and Lace for Queen Victoria This second book on Devon Trolly Lace concentrates on the lace patterns from the sampler sachet and work bag sent to Queen Victoria at the beginning of her reign. The sample originally had 69 samples on it, but 5 were selected by the Queen, so 64 in total remain on the sampler, and 24 of them have been redrawn and reworked for the present book. For each piece of lace there are illustrations of the old sample and the new copy, a lace pricking and a black and white working diagram. Most of the patterns are geometrical point ground lace with gimps just a few of the patterns have flower motifs. The widths of the lace samples range from 1.4 cm (13 pairs) to 11.5 cm (109 pairs); the thread used is cotton 120/2 plus a gimp thread.
Verborgene Spitzen aus dem Museum Kunstpalast $58.50
Heike beckers-Hartl, Maria Kilian, Caludia Schuster
Verborgene Spitzen aus dem Museum KunstpalastA well presented book with a history of the museum and accounts of the life of Canon Dr Franz Block (1823-1899) and Tina Frau Berger (1861-1937). Including 17 pieces of beautiful lace from the Kunstpalast Museum in Düsseldorf which have been selected, photo, reconstructed and reworked by the authors. For each piece includes a photograph of the detail of both the original and reworked lace, a photo, of the overall project pricking and clear diagram of the working detail.
English and German
JAGD nach Strich und Faden $68.95
Ulrike Löhr
JAGD nach Strich und FadenThis books is a collection of patternsof Chantilly lace,Valenciennes, Mechlin Point de Lille, and Blond etc. Includes detailed working diagrams illustrations and explanations.
Schwartzarbeit 2 $74.50
Ulrike Voelcker
Schwartzarbeit 2
An exciting book of over 60 Chantilly patterns. Each pattern includes detailed working diagrams and a photo of the completed lace.
English and Germam
Stil-Blüten $62.00
Ulrike Voelcker
Stil-Blüten A wonderful collection of 18 point ground flowers worked in coloured silk threads. The designs range from art nouveau to natural. There are working diagrams and full-coloured photos or the flowers
English, German, Spanish
Butterflu and Moth $40.00
Ulrike Voelcker
Butterflu and MothThis amazing volume has 15 butterflies and moth patterns made in colored silk threads with point ground technique. Pricking and lots of diagrams and detailed drawing and instructions for each pattern.
Blondes Chantilly et Caen $55.00
Suzanne Raszewski & Claudette et Michel Bouvot.Michelle Andreau
Blondes Chantilly et CaenWe find in this volume the story well kept by the ladies of the Landry family and the patterns and sketches of Pierre Landry, manufacturer of lace. The second part, proposes the techniques of lace with the diagrams and photos inspired by the creations of Pierre Landry.
Dentelle Normandes $63.00
Claudette et Michel Bouvot
Dentelle Normandes A book dedicated to the whole story of lace Normandy from 1680 to the present day, with 11 patterns pricking and diagrams, with a progressive level of difficulty.
Fans in Normandy Lace $62.50
Claudette et Michel Bouvot & Chantal HervieuxMartine Piveteau
Fans in Normandy LaceThis volume includes 160 pages with 350 photos and 24 patterns of polychrome lace from Normandy. This book dedicated especially to fans includes a brief history and techniques of polychrome lace.
French, English.
Symphonie en Dentelle Polychrome de courseulles/mer $65.00
Claudette et Michel Bouvot & Chantal Hervieux
Symphonie en Dentelle Polychrome de courseulles/merIn this book you will find the story and heritage behind the polychrome and blond lace created in 1896. This book presents the techniques between the colours and the application of the polychrome lace. There are over 35 polychrome and blonde lace patterns with 4 levels of difficulty.