Cotton Threads for Bobbin Needle Lace
Tatting, Crochet & embroidery

DMC Tubino

DMC Tubino 100% Cotton Lace Thread 5G (100m) A superior 3-ply soft twist cotton thread recommended for lace making, embroidery and also excellent for tambour work (Beauvais embroidery). Equivalent to Fresia linen 100/2 brok 36/2 DMC Cordonnet especial 100, Egyptian cotton 50/3, DMC Broder Machine 30, Filato di Cantu 40. $6.75

DMC Tubino *See colors below

DMC Cordonnet Special

DMC Cordonnet Special DMC Cordonnet Special Cordonnet Spécial is an excellent quality six strands double-mercerized 100% long stapled cotton crochet thread. The threads are 100% colourfast, exceptionally strong and have a beautiful glossy finish. Cordonnet is available in colors, white and ecru in a 20 gram ball. Appropriate for Bobbin Lace, Needle Lace, Romanian Lace, Tatting and crochet.$6.50

Nº 10 175 yards)
Nº20 (175 yards)
Nº 30 (208 yards)
Nº 40 (241 yards)
Nº 50 (284 yards)
Nº 60 (317 yards)
Nº 70 (350 yards)
Nº 80 ( 394 yards)
Nº 100 (470 yards)

DMC Pearl Cotton

DMC Pearl Cotton Nº 5 $3.50
Nº 8


Discontinued limited Inventory/ some colors out of stock

Aurifil Mercerized Egyptian cotton thread from Italy. Made from long staple Egyptian cotton, is also mercerized, giving it sheen.Excellent for bobbin lace, detailed machine embroidery and quilting $9.50

50/2 - Only in white, ecru, black. 30gr(1300m)
40/2- white, ecru, black and 16 solid colors and 10 variegated colors30gr(1000m) 
28/2– black and 16 solid colors, and 10 variegated colors 30gr (750m)

DMC Floche

Cocons calais Fil au Chinois Floche is a thread made from the finest long fiber cotton, mercerized to create a beautiful finish. This superior quality thread is especially suited for fine embroidery. DMC Floche is comprised of 4 non-divisible strands in size 16 thread, each strand equals 2 strands of DMC Floss. During the manufacturing process, the cotton is combed, singed by flamed and mercerized creating its beautiful finish. The end result does not knot, kink or fluff and is soft and gentle to the touch. 100% colorfast. Made in France. Ideal for fine embroidery, needlepoint, delicate stitches such as openwork, cutwork, whitework, smocking, shadow work, as well as for fine motifs such as monograms and initials.
Also excellent for bobbin lace for those projects that we want color.*Equivalent to: Bockens Linen 35/2, Fresia 40/2.
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DMC Floche White /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche B5200-Snow White / 10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche Ecru / 10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 762-Pearl Grey- vy lt /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 819- Baby Pink-lt /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 818-Baby Pink /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 776- Pink-med /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 899-Rose-med /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 321-Red/ 10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 352-Coral-lt / 10gr Skein

DMC Floche 350- Coral-med /10gr Skein

DMC Floche 349- Coral-dk / 10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 742-Tangerine-lt/10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 741-Tangerine-med /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 740- Tangerine /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche745-Yellow-lt pale /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche744-Yellow-pale/10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 743- Yellow-med /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 3348-Yellow Green-lt /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 3347-Yellow Green-med /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 3346- Hunter Green /10gr(150 yard) skein

DMC Floche3345-Hunter Green-dk/10gr (150 yard)skein

DMC Floche 369- Pistachio Green-vy lt /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 368-Pistachio Green-lt /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 320- Pistachio Green-med /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 367-Pistachio Green-dk/10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 800-Delft-pale /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 799-Delft-med /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 797- Royal Blue /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 3689- Mauve-lt /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche a broder 210-Lavender-med /10gr (150 yard) skein

DMC Floche 208- Lavender-vy dk /10gr (150 yard) skein


Lizbeth®Lizbeth thread is a 6-cord cordonnet, shiny, has rich and vibrant color. The thread is super-combed and gas-singed for outstanding body, mercerized and color fast. Color is uniform throughout. Suitable for Romanian lace, Tatting and Crochet and bobbin lace, equivalent to DMC Cordonnet Special #30. $7.50

Nº40 = 25 gram (300 yards) balls.
*Available in rich vibrant solid colors.
*And hand dyed variegated shades.


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DMC cébélia

DMC cébélia Is a 3-cord thread, 100% crochet cotton double mercerized for strength and glossiness. Suitable for Romanian lace, Tatting and Crochet. Can be used for grip or coarse thread
*Available in: Nº10-50gram(282 yards)ball- only white and ecru.
* Available in: Nº 20-50gram(405yards)ball