Kumiko Makazaki
Christmas22 Christmas patterns. Most of them are worked in the Binche technique but point de Paris, Flanders lace and Bruges flower lace are also included: angel, fir tree, reindeer, Christmas rose, edgings for mats, a bookmark, a Madonna with Child.
Geklöppeltes Schmetterline $52.50
Brigitte Bellon
Geklöppeltes SchmetterlineA new collection of 30 tape based butterfly patterns, smaller and larger, some easier and some more challenged. Designed in Milanese in Schneeberger, one in Russian tape lace, with lots of diagrams and instructions.
English, German
Neue Entwürfe in Chrysanthe-Techni $52.50
Martina Wolter-Kampmann
Neue Entwürfe in Chrysanthe-Techni After the unexpected death of Hildegard Glös, Martina Wolter-Kampmann was good enough to take on the still incomplete book project. The publication begins with a detailed introduction to the technique of the popular Chrysanthemum lace then follow 26 patterns for you to work. They are for smaller motifs like butterflies, hearts, droplets or numbers for anniversary greetings.
Spitzen Der Wiener Werkstätte$60.00
Hartmut Lang
Spitzen Der Wiener WerkstätteThe first part of this book tells the story of the Wiener Werkstätte an association of craftsman founded in 1903 in Austria. In the second part, you will find 16 patterns for lace designed by Dagobert Peche. Included some straight lace among them but most are bobbin lace. Patterns of men, animals (bird, greyhound), other mythological figures such as “Daphne” or “Water Deity” or symbolizations like “Spring” or “Wind”. For each pattern there are illustrations of the original lace (if available) and of the reconstruction, a clear coloured working diagram and the lace pricking.
7 x Extra $38.00
7 x ExtraA folder with 7 beautiful patterns, prickings and working diagrams. Oval, Square, octagonal and one inset in different techniques like Valenciennes, Flanders and Paris lace.
Dutch, French and English.
dentelle aux fuseaux pour ma maison $35.00
Michelle Andreu
dentelle aux fuseaux pour ma maison In this N˚8 booklet of lace making contains more than 20 little projects, mostly in Torchon technique. The patterns can be used for serviette rings or bookmarks, for buttons, as insertions for bistro curtains, edgings for handkerchiefs, applied motifs and much more.
Dentelle des montagnes $38.00
Michelle Andreu
Dentelle des montagnes A second book in lace of Queyras of the western Alps which was originally freehand lace. The author has now prepared colored working diagrams and pricking for modern lace makers. Contains 25 patterns taken from museum pieces.
Beliebte Klöppel Motive $35.00
Rosemarie Urban
Beliebte Klöppel MotiveA folder with a collection of 30 popular patterns, modern and traditional, but all taken from the earlier publications in the same series. techniques:Torchon and tape lace
Kloppelspitzen-gardinen & mehr $28.50
Dana Mihulkovà and Irene Ring
Kloppelspitzen-gardinen & mehr This book contains 3 modern curtains made entirely of lace and designed so that they easily fit in height and width to the window for which they are intended. In addition, single motifs from the curtain designs have been worked separately as table runners, cushions and more, 12 patterns and pickings. Illustrations and in some, explanatory diagrams.
Lace for ten pairs $45.50
Ulrike Voelcker
Lace for ten pairs Lots of charming and imaginative patterns, none using more than ten pairs of bobbins. Lots of working diagrams, written explanations and wonderful colour photographs of the finished laces.
English, French and German
Il était une fois un Mariage- la Dentellle aux Fuseaux $45.00
Rosanna Orgiu
Il était une fois un Mariage- la Dentellle aux FuseauxAll the patterns in this book are on the wedding theme. Bag, fan, sunshade, garter, gloves and necklace for the bride; tie and a bow for the groom, 12 different cushions for the rings, seven different flowers for the wedding bouquet, little basket for the flower girls and more. The lace techniques are: Torchon Cluny, point ground and tape lace, Rosaline, and others
Wedding $28.95
Lace Guild
Wedding A new publication by the lace guild all about wedding, for the bride,bridesmaid, groom best man, mother of the bride or groom and guests. Garter handkerchief, horseshoe, tiara, bag,earrings, gloves, socks,tie,buttonhole and wedding favours. Techniques: Bucks Point, Flanders' Torchon with pickings for each lace and photos.
Erzgebirgische SpitzenkunsT $39.50
Regine Siebdrath
Erzgebirgische Spitzenkuns This folder has been published in celebration of her golden jubilee. It contains quite a number of pictorial lace (‘bird of paradise’, ‘castle in the air’, ‘bride and groom’, ‘nosegay’ etc.), necklaces, mats and table runners, a whole alphabet as well as some traditional Christmas motifs: angel, bell, Mary and child, and a miner with two candles (a regional motif). A booklet showing colour photographs of the lace. 6 pattern prickings and instructions on separate sheets