Dentelle aux Fuseaux Techniques de Base$62.50
Centre d'Enseignement de la Dentelle au Fuseaux
Dentelle aux Fuseaux Techniques de BaseNew method from the Centre d’Enseignement de la dentelle du Puy. This book is for beginners and also for the lacemakers who would like to refresh from techniques on crossing which are essential to create the perfect lace. You will find 76 pages with history on dentelle du Puy, a presentation on old and modern material and tools. 85 models and detailed work diagrams, step by step techniques with 114 patterns.
kloppel-kurs $57.00
Ulrike Voelcker
kloppel-kurs This  beginner’s book will give you a solid foundation from which you will be able to continue in any direction. You will learn one lace technique at the time, colored diagrams and photos. This course contains 17 lessons and every practice piece can be used.
English, German
Prille begin kantcentrum
Prille begin kantcentrumA binder with 10 patterns for beginners put together by: Marie-Anne Claeys, Chantal Ferier, Geneviéve Grenier, Kumiko Nakazaki, Lieve Pollet, Annemie verbeke and Hilda Vrijsen. Starts whit basic stitch, grounds, spiders, fans, and tape lace. .
German, English, French.
La dentelle aux Fuseaux Pas à Pas $29.95
Michelle Andreu




La dentelle aux Fuseaux Pas à Pas A pretty colorful booklet with 12 simple patterns in Torchon technique. Step by step with clear color photos and colored detail drawings, therefore easy to understand without knowledge of French. Patterns sample sheet attached.
la dentelle aux fuseaux * [1] $69.00
Lysiane Brulet
LA DENTELLE AUX FUSEAUX * [1]Very extensive instruction manual in torchon technique in 3 volumes. It begins with a little history, then goes on to describe the working materials, lace pillows, bobbins, the relationship between thread and lace pricking, construction of corners. Then come the very first steps: winding bobbins, half stitch, cloth stitch, whole stitch and twist, footside (pin inside the edge pair), headside (pin outside the edge passive pair), etc. For each newly learned step there is a lace pricking to practice on (and there are very many steps!) All the practice pieces are illustrated in colour. Clear working diagrams.
la dentelle aux fuseaux * [2] $65.00
Lysiane Brulet
LA DENTELLE AUX FUSEAUX * [2] Second volume of the three volume manual, continuation of No. 915. Several grounds are introduced here, the working of decorative holes is explained and practised, as is the use of gimps. For each newly explained difficulty there is a piece of lace to practice on; they are often multicoloured to make it easier to follow the course of the threads.
la dentelle aux fuseaux * [3] $69.00
Lysiane Brulet
LA DENTELLE AUX FUSEAUX * [3]The third volume brings variations of the known grounds (including many variations of rose ground) and torchon figures such as spiders in half stitch, half spiders, various kinds of fans, raised rolled tallies, etc. Again many practice pieces with good thread diagrams but also, at last, as culmination of the course, there are 12 really good pieces of lace with illustrations and lace prickings. And then at last we can make torchon lace!