Naar de Bron Back To Roots A Technical Approach to Early Binche $98.50
Nora Andries
Naar de Bron   Back To Roots $ 98.50
A Technical Approach to Early Binche
Hardcover book 183 page. Comes with an English, French and German translation. The book examines 22 early Binche patterns from the late 17th and early 18th centries that derive from the top collections of Santa Karolus Borromeus Church in Antwerp and the St. Gomaruskirche in Lier, plus private collections. They include a photo of the old and new constructions, technical diagrams and lots of detailed drawings of specific techniques represented in each pattern.
All about Michlin lace$55.00
Alexandra Stillwell
All About Michlin Lace Alexandra Stillwell presents a comprehensive textbook of Mechlin lace, a detailed course in 23 chapters. Mechlin lace, a very fine lace, was en vogue in the 18th century. The book is primarily aimed to the lace makers who want to study the Mechlin technique thoroughly.
En anglais.

My Friends $60.00
Kumiko Nakazaki
My FriendsFolder with 8 patterns. Six in Binche lace: Watership Down, Cat Lovers, Medaillons, Cat Fantasy, Bear, Medaillon in color. One Flemish lace called Dogs, and one Duchesse pattern called Doggy's.
Ulrike Voelcker
Valenciennes 80 pages book on Valenciennes lace (black and white).
Introduction to the technique with 20 prickings.
10 reconstructions of 18th and 19th century laces and 10 new designs.
German and English
Pretty Binch $32.00
Steffi Reinhardt, Katrin Zschoche, Allerlei Kleines
Pretty BinchAbout 21 small motifs in Binche technique. Here you can practice snowflakes (big and small), point the paris (cat stitch) and clothwork. The patterns are also possible to lace makers with lower experience. Pricking and diagrams (mostly in color) are included. In addition, the authors explain a lot of the little things like starting and finishing lace, like finding good threads, and also about pins etc.
German and English.
vivaldi $65.00
Kantcentrum Brugg
vivaldi The last publication from the Binche Masterclass at the Kantcentrum in Bruges. Inspired by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, the ladies working with Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billiet have worked an apple tree seen through a window. In each of the four panes of the window the tree is shown in a different season in Binche!
Dutch and English

brugse Binche $65.50
Lieve Pollet Ouderwets & Mentebollen
brugse Binche Binche lace in Bruges also called "ouderwets" (old –fashion lace) evolved from Old Flemish continuous threads and blossom a new in Bruges at beginning of the 20th century. Contains folders with 12 pattern sheets of old fashioned lace from this period.
English, French, Dutch and German
hoop $65.00
Anne -Marie Verbeke
hoop Here the author with a group of advanced students created a great window in Binche lace. It is composed of small and large parts and reassembled, or can be presented individually. With flowers, birds, wild rose, hummingbird, poppy etc, 11 patterns with colored diagram, pricking and a picture of the finished piece. The title Hoop (Hope) relates to the fight against cancer, to which the group dedicated the work.
English, French, German, Flemish.
Fumie Kanai
bobijntje!6 New portfolio of Binche with 25 patterns: Dragons, Koinnobori, Phoenix, Hello baby, Easter, Candle,Fern Hycinth, tulip, Fish, Flower, etc. All fully diagrammed.
birds & flowers $62.00
Kumiko Nakazaki
birds & flowers Beautiful folder in Binche with 10 patterns : Mary Lou’s Window; Winter Forest; Singing Baby Birds; Humming Bird; Gentiane; Flower Pendant; Snow Drop; Japanese Plume Blossom; Japanese iris & Japanes Moineau. Pricking and color diagrams
binch III $65.00
Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billiet
binch III A beautiful folder in Binch lace with 10 patterns, round, squares and octagonal, the Reversed Three, The Large Trumpet, The Frog, Adoration ,Thirteenth Century, The Ermine, The Dear, The Tournament. With pricking and instructions and diagrams for each pattern with international system of colour-coding.
English, French, German, Flemish
dick durch dünn $58.50
Ulrike Voelcker
dick durch dünn In this books Ulrike Löhr presents the beautiful Binche grounds that have been presented in VIELE GUTE GRÜNDE. The Binche grounds provide the background pattern, the gimp threads provide accentuation. Explanations for the beginning edges and end. The practice piece is explained in details with text and helpful diagrams.
The final result is 12 table runners; 2 rounds, 1 oval and 1 octagonal.
English, Germam