Petite Nation

Trillium is happy to introduce a new bobbin made by a woodworker of the Outaouais region.
With the characteristics that make a difference;
This quality bobbin has a round head which facilitates the unwinding of the thread, a pointed end that makes it easier to sew. Its long smooth shank makes it easy to handle.
Made with rich quality blood wood which gives a good weight to the bobbin.

Petite Nation Doubleheader 4"¾ long Bloodwood $3.00 ea $36.00 dz


SwissDoubleheader 4½ long White beech wood$2.00 ea $24.00dz


DutchDoubleheader 4"¼ long Red Beech $2.00 ea $24.00dz

Dutch3"¾long Bloodwood $2.75 ea $30.00dz


Bayeux Doubleheader 4"¾ long Bloodwood $2.90 ea $34.00dz

Bayeux Doubleheader 4"½ long Morado wood $2.90 ea $34.00dz

Bayeux Doubleheader 4"½ long White beech wood $2.00 ea $24.00dz


Binche4" longPalisandre wood $2.75 ea $32.00dz

Binche4" longWhite beech wood $2.25 ea $24.00dz

Le Puy

Le PuyDoubleheader 4"½ long Palisandre wood $2.75 ea $32.00dz

Rosaline ,Duchesse

Rosaline ,DuchesseDoubleheader 3"¾ long Rosewood$2.50 ea $28.00dz

Rosaline ,Duchesse4"long Pear wood $2.10 ea $32.00dz


Honiton4"long Pear wood $2.10 ea $32.00dz

Jaspé Bobbins
Back in Stock

These bobbins consist of laminated veneers of brightly colored wood. The bobbins are highly polished and make a wonderful sound. Your pillow will sing.
* Available on a mix of colors and both styles plain or fancy limited stock

Jaspé Bobbins
Doubleheader $3.85 ea $46.00dz


BedfordshireDoubleheader 4"long Whitebeech wood $2.25 ea $26.00dz


Midland Doubleheader 4"½ long Maple wood $1.75 ea $20.00dz

Square Bobbin

A very popular bobbin flattened side  made in exotic wood which makes it heavier , giving more stability to the threads

Square BobbinDoubleheader 4" long Bloodwood $2.90 ea $34.00dz

Square BobbinDoubleheader 4" long Morado wood $2.90 ea $34.00dz

International Square

Popular bobbin, flattened side

International SquareDoubleheader 4"3/8 long Beech wood $1.90 ea $22.00dz

International SquareDoubleheader 4"3/8 long Pear wood $1.90 ea $22.00dz

Travel bobbin

A nice small bobbin, good size to work with, could be used as a travel bobbin

Travel bobbin 4" long Beechwood $1.50 ea$18.50dz

Especial design for Metallic Lace

Specially designed for metallic lace.

Especial design for Metallic Lace 4" long Bloodwood $2.75 ea $32.00dz