DENTELLE- Pochettes en Clunny Polychrome de Brioude $62.50
Odette Arpin
La dentelle de craponne - le fleuri et son evolution The 19th and 20th centuries using the technique of Cluny polychrome de Brioude. The revisited design, the elegant use of color, proves here that the lace art knows how to reinvent itself while retaining its roots. Discover 10 pockets in Brioude polychrome Cluny classified in ascending order of level. Make these models thanks to the detailed explanations and the many diagrams. Take inspiration from these beautiful contemporary laces to create your own variations.
La dentelle de craponne - le Fleuri et son evolution $64.00
Odette Alpin
Rêve de dentelles cluny et guipure. This book is produced in collaboration with the Hotel de la Dentelle de Brioude and Mde Arpin (M.O.F.). The first book about the Carponne lace that was developed in the 19th century in Craponne (France). The book contains the history of this type of lace as well as 12 patterns. Craponne lace is characterized by floral motifs all around, a cord that structures the pattern and plays with shadow and light.
German, English and French.

Rêve de dentelles cluny et guipure. $59.00
Nathalie Hubert
Rêve de dentelles cluny et guipure. Lace Cluny and Guipure are in the spotlight in this book beautifully illustrated. Many diagrams and explanations from the author that will enable you to make 13 beautiful patterns; placemats (round, hexagonal, etc.), jewelry (bracelet, hand ornament, etc. ) and charming decorative elements.
German, English and French.

Polychromie & dentelles $55.50
Odette Alpin
Polychromie & dentelles eIn this book of 100 pages the author and his team of professional lace makers offers 10 models of Cluny Polychrome including 4 new models. Pendant, earring, bracelet etc. All creations are accompanied with technical drawings and detailed sketches for all the patterns.

Wiener Spitzen $50.00
Hartmut Lang
All About Michlin LaceThe collection contains a total of 52 patterns, mostly of guipure or Cluny type but also including individual Torchon and tape lace patterns. The course begins with simple, narrow strips of lace and goes on to cover wider lace and even mats, medallions and insertions of various shapes for the advanced lace maker. In each case the original and the reconstructed lace are illustrated and accompanied by a lace pricking, coloured working diagram and numerous drawings of details. The book is, on the one hand, valuable as a historical document, for it shows a representative cross-section of Viennese lace at the beginning of the 20th century; on the other hand it can serve as a prolific source of patterns for inexperienced and experienced lace makers from which especially the popular international colour coding system can be learnt.
German, English and French.

Dentelle de Retournac $60.00
Centre d'Enseignement de la Dentelle au Fuseau
Introducing Bonne Lace Centre d'Enseignement de la Dentelle au Fuseau Retournac lace is featured in this new book of CEDF (Centre d'Enseignement de la Dentelle au Fuseau). After a very complete chapter on the history of this lace, follows many diagrams and explanations techniques. Twenty lovely patterns all from the old manufacturers of Retournac.
Guide pratique la Guipure du Puy Bases et perfectionnement$65.95
Nathalie Hubert Mick Fouriscot
Surface decoration in silk and metallic threadsBasics and improvement.
After a brief technical reminder, 50 models are available with detailed explanations.
For each you will find the color photo of the lace, the pricking, the color coding, and diagrams if necessary.
144 pages - reissue of volumes 1 and 2.
Spitze von einstin kloppelbriefen von heute $68.00
Christine Mirecki
Christine Mirecki experiments here with elements of old lace designs. From the catalogue of a Bohemian firm, by taking elements and motifs from this traditional lace, and puts together in a new way. In this hardback book of 112 pages, there is more than 80 patterns, for mattes clothes and much more. For each pattern there is a lace pricking, coloured illustration, and diagrams, and photo of the finish lace.
Deutsch, English French