Workshops offered
for Bobbin lace

*Notes and patterns are included
*Possibility to rent equipment and accessories
*Workshops offered in small groups of 5

*For beginners
* Second and third level. and advanced level.
*Reading and understanding working diagrams, technical diagrams and international color code.

Chrysanthemum lace


tape lace

Russian tape lace, Minalesse, Hinojosa lace

Needle lace

*Offered by correspondence and groups;

Needle Lace 1
(Beginners) For more information click Here
Needle lace 2
(Advance) For more information click Here
Romanian Lace
(Beginners and Advance) For more information click Here

Workshops offered in groups:
*For the following classes, a kit will be given with all the material necessary to complete a small project (notes, pattern, fabric, threads, needles).

Black embroidery
Pull Thread
Needle painting

*Register by phone or email.

  • Cantù Lace
  • Needle Lace
  • Cantù Lace
  • Blackwork
  • Cantù Lace
  • Richelieu
  • Needle Painting
  • Pull Thread
  • Richelieu
  • Romanian Lace
  • Hedebo
  • Russian Lace
  • Russian Lace
  • Russian Lace
  • Romanian Lace
  • Torchon
  • Torchon
  • Cantù Lace