Florale Sterne $40.50
Elfi Krüger
Florale Sterne This booklet contains 17 bobbin lace patterns for stars in Florence, Rosaline, Honiton, Rococo, Duchesse and Bruges flower lace. Each one has a clear illustration, its pricking, a brief explanation and diagrams where necessary.
Withof...before and after $67.00
Yvonne Cheele-Kerkhot
Withof...before and after A new book on Withof lace where the author has combined traditional techniques with his own ideas. Withof is a modern version of Duchesse, which was developed in With Of convent in the Netherlands by Sister Judith de Krijger during the nineteen-eighties. First part contains about 100 pages on techniques and diagrams. The second part contains 18 patterns including a beautiful fan..
Mit Rippe Und Rolle$65.00
Ulrike Voelcker
Mit Rippe Und RolleSpectacular! This 136 pages hardback includes 40 lace patterns. Duchesse and Withof laces. The patterns are arranged in order of difficulty. The first three are marked as relatively simple but there are at any rate 14 patterns at the next level of difficulty. The patterns are for entire plants, flowers, scrolls and ornaments and there are two for straight lace. Many were clearly inspired by Art Nouveau. A lot of explanatory text with diagrams and photographs.
English, Germam
Rosaline Perle $55.00
Judith Cordell
Rosaline PerleThis book on Rosaline Perle Lace aims to provide the lacemaker with detailed instructions in the form of worksheets covering the entire motive required to assemble this pretty lace. With only 14 bobbins and no thread ends to deal with, the floral motifs can easily be adapted for use by the modern lacemaker. The patterns that follow the worksheets have been created to build skills and knowledge to help the lacemaker design his own patterns.
Maikäfer, Flieg (Bugs) $29.50
Ulrike Löhr
Maikäfer, Flieg (Bugs) $ Here using techniques from Duchesse Withof, Honiton. Ulrike designed beautiful and realistic designs of Bugs.