Tulip Embroidery Needle Colonial Bullion .Needles/$10.50
High quality hand embroidery needles Available in both Tapestry and Sharp point : 
Ideal for Bullion and cast –on stitch.
* Available size: Tube with 3 needles.Long: 18cm/ 7”
Medium; 12.5cm /5”
Small-8.5cm/3 1/2"
Needle diameter equivalent to tapestry size #20

Tulip Embroidery NeedleTulip Embroidery Needle/$12.00
High quality hand embroidery needles from Tulip Hiroshima with a sharp tip. Needles are made in Japan and are nickel plated steel, with gold plated eyes. They are polished lengthwise to ensure smooth fabric piercing and needle eyes are polished from both sides to insure easy threading.
*Avalable Size: 9 and 10 (Contains 8 Needles).

Tulip Embroidery NeedleBohin Embroidery Needles/$4.50
BOHIN needles are manufactured in france, honed by tradition and finished to perfection.Their production process involves 27 different steps and two months before each needle is able to be sold. That's what gives BOHIN needles their strong and timeless reputation in the industry.These needles are ideal for linen embroidery.
*Avalable Size: 9 and 10 (Contains 15pc.)

Tulip Embroidery NeedleBohin Sashiko Needles/$4.50
These needles are ultra sharp and smooth with easy-to-thread eyes which makes them ideal for sashiko work.
Each package contains 8 sashiko needles.

Tapestry Needles by John JamesTapestry Needles by John James /$3.50
The John James company is known for their quality needles.
Tapestry needles have a large eye and blunt rounded ends that slip easily through woven fabrics and canvas holes without snagging or piercing.
*Avalable: Size 16 - 52.5mm long
Size 18 - 48.5mm long
Size 20 - 44mm long
Size 22 -40.5mm long
Size 24 - 37mm long
Size 26 - 34mm long
Size 28 - 32.5mm long

Embroidery Needles by John JamesEmbroidery Needles by John James/$3.50
Size 1- 50mm long
Size 2- 49mm long
Size 3- 45mm long
Size 4-40mm long
Size 7-38mm long

Curved Needles by John JamesCurved Needles by John James/ $6.50
The smallest needle is 2 inches (5 cm) long and the largest is 3 inches (7 1/2 cm) long.
*4 Needles in a package

John James Beading NeedlesJohn James Beading Needles /$4.75
John James Crafter's Collection Needles carefully selected, in individually designed envelope packs combinations contains:
*Beading size 10 -5 needles
*Beading size 11 -2 needles
*Beading size 12 -3 needles

Tapestry needle set-bent tipTapestry needle set-bent tipTapestry needle set-bent tipTapestry needle set-bent tip $12.00
Length: 2 needles of 6cm and 1 needle of 5.5cm. The curved tip of the Tapestry Needle makes hooking threads a breeze. Easy & convenient carrying case with a screw on cap stores needles neatly.

Prym Needle TwisterPrym Needle Twister /$15.99
Mold like a lipstick, with a similar twisting mechanism, has a magnetised base to hold the needles so that do not fall out even when you hold it upside down. Simply remove the cap and twist the base and the needles will rise up and fan out so that you can select the one you like to use. The cap snaps in place for safekeeping.

LED Needle ThreaderLED Needle Threader /$9.50
Threader with retractable wire threader Finger grips on back side .Comfortable size and shape . LED light activates when threader slides out of case Built-in thread cutter on side of case Slot on end for attaching to a lanyard

Safety Thimble Safety Thimble /$ 2.50
Ridge on top Holds needle safely & helps prevent slipping
*Available in: Size Small-#7- (15mm)
Size Medium-#8 (16mm)
Size Large-#10 (17mm)

Elizabeth's Vintage Notion Elizabeth's Vintage Notion /$8.00
A beautiful thimble that not only provides protection but adorns the finger with its charming antique design. Includes velveteen pouch
*Available in: Size Medium-#8 (16mm) Size Large-#10 (17mm)

Japanese embroidery thimble Japanese embroidery thimble/ $4.00
A small shell banned in brass and hinged to make a beautiful 2-1/4" diameter

Prym BeeswaxPrym Beeswax /$3.50
Strengthens thread.
Prevents tangles.

Iron-on-transfer pencilIron-on-transfer pencil /$6.50
Design your own transfer patterns with these pencils by drawing or tracing your design on tracing paper, then iron it on the fabric. Comes off easily with cold water.

* Available: blue, red

FriXion pen FriXion pen /$3.00
Ideal fine gel ink pen to create your own patterns directly into fabric. The ink comes out with the heat