Tulip Embroidery Needle Embroidery Lap Frame /$65.00
A hardwood, 10" (25cm) frame mounted on a universal stand for using on a chair, with the base under your leg. (Sit on frame). Leaves your hands free to work your embroidery. Adjustable height and angle for maximum comfort, by rotating the frame allows easy access of back of your work.

Tapestry Needles by John JamesReplacement Embroidery Hoops
Frames of different sizes to work whit embroidery lap frame (lap frame shown above). *Available in:
12" -Hoop--------

Embroidery Needles by John JamesTambour Hoop & Stand /$52.00
An heirloom table stand finely finished solid Hardwood construction, allowing 360 degree rotation of a 7/16" x 10" frame as well as allowing its easy insertion and removal.

Curved Needles by John JamesEmbroidery Hoop
Crafted in Germany these are the best quality embroidery hoops on the market. Smooth Beechwood with a brass closure.
*Available sizes:
6" -Hoop-----------
8" -Hoop-----------
14 "-Hoop----------

John James Beading NeedlesSpring Tension Embroidery Hoop
*Available sizes:
5" -Hoop--------------
7" -Hoop--------------

Tapestry needle set-bent tipTapestry needle set-bent tipPlastic Embroidery Hoop
*Available sizes:
6" -Hoop--------------
7" -Hoop--------------

Prym Needle TwisterStretcher Bars
1/2" Wide Stretcher Bars, great for all projects.
*Available sizes:
24 " --------------
16 " --------------

LED Needle ThreaderStretcher Bars
Strong, reusable frame that is easy to assemble.
*Available sizes:
13" --------------
15" ------------- -
18" ------------- -

Safety Thimble Thumb Tacks/ $7.00
60 Brass plated Steel Thumb Tacks. Great for Needlework & Quilting Frame. A small tack remover is included.