Délicate broderie hardanger $42.00
Sadako Totsuka
Délicate broderie hardanger This book gathers refined and elegant work that enhancesthe beauty of this embroidery. Tablecloth, cushions, centerpiece, table runner place mat, tea cozy etc
Early-stylehardanger $55.50
Yvette Stanton
Early-stylehardanger Early-style Hardanger is not often seen outside of Norway. It is quite distinct from contemporary Hardanger as it was designed to imitate needle lace of the 1600s and 1700s. Discover what makes early-style Hardanger different from contemporary. Left-and right-handed instructions are included. Early-Style Hardanger is a must for everyone who is interested in the historic roots of the embroidery and who wishes to understand how to accurately work the stitches and techniques.
Hardanger embroidery$40.00
Frédérique Marfaing
Hardanger embroidery This book is a complete easy-to-follow introduction to the craft, giving step-by-step instructions for stitching 43 different embroidery building blocks, from basic square to more intricate motifs. Charts and instructions for 18 projects; pillows, bags, home decor and more.
Hardanger $40.00
Miroka Takeuchi
Hardanger A very beautiful book with selected patterns in Hardanger. This book contains 33 patterns, table runner, tablecloths; mat sets, center cloths, cushions, bag, and Christmas decorations. With illustrations for all the patterns, lots of diagrams showing the cutting of the cloth, some basic stitches and a variety of decorative filling stitches.
Lavoria Fili Contati $27.00
Silvana Fontanelli
Lavoria Fili Contati Counted-thread embroidery with many decorative patterns in satin stitch. Very appealing could be used for small projects like pincushions, sachets or table runner, cushions and more good clearly illustrated how to finish the projects. Easy to follow even without knowledge of Italian.