Witer Magic ΙΙ $48.00
Marianne Geibendörfer,Dana Mihulkovà und Irena Ring
Witer Magic ΙΙ  Besides the stars by Luise Trabert the booklet contains more stars, angels and trees designed by Marianne Geißendörfer; a Christmas tree by Irena Ring as well as two patterns by Dana Mihulková complete the collection. Some patterns are reinforced by wire and some of the stars as well as the angels present themselves in 3D.
English, German
Geklöppelte frühlingsmotive $35.50
Brigitte Bellon
Geklöppelte Frühlingsmotive 38 original motifs of flowers, hearts, Easter eggs and colourful butterflies. made in different bobbin lace techniques: Russian Duchesse, Schneeberger, Torchon and Guipure with pricking and instructions for all the motifs.
Gekloppelter weihnachtsschmuck $45.50
Brigitte Bellon

Gekloppelter weihnachtsschmuck36 motifs for Christmas time like stars, angels, bells, hearts, candles and nativity motifs. Detailed drawings and pickings, some inspired by Russian grounds or Schneeberg technique. All can be made with a few pairs, some with coloured or metallic-threads.
English, German
Neue Weihnachts-Klöppelmuster $42.50
Brigitte Bellon




ANeue Weihnachts-Klöppelmuster Once more an attractive mixture of Christmas motifs which can be hung on the Christmas tree or used for Christmas cards. 2 angels, 3 motifs with candles, 18 stars, 7 hearts, 4 bells, a Christmas tree, a Christmas stocking and a snowman, 2 crib motifs and the three wise men. In all there are 42 patterns, some worked in white, some in colour or with metallic thread. Again a variety of techniques has been used but mainly braid lace with plaits, Schneeberger lace, Russian braid lace and Cluny.
German, English, Spanish and French
Heavenly Christmas $35.50
Christine Mireck
Heavenly Christmas A colorful and wide collection of Christmas designs, a great variety of 33 stars, 12 moons, also 3 dimensional projects, and 8 snowflakes crystals
German, English and French
Sterne $35.50
Christine Mirecki
Allerlei Geklöppelter Ghristbaumschmuck Stars, stars, and more stars! Lots of fun this book features 28 stars in different sizes, colors and in a variety of techniques: Torchon lace, plaited lace, tape lace and Milanese lace. Each pricking acts as its own diagram making these designs fun and easy to do.
Janna’s Christmas $37.50
Janas Weihnacht, Janas Jul,Janiny Vànocei
Janna’s ChristmasStars, stars, and more stars! Lots of fun this book features 28 stars in different sizes, colors and in a variety of techniques: Torchon lace, plaited lace, tape lace and Milanese lace. Each pricking acts as its own diagram making these designs fun and easy to do.
Dreidimensionale Klöppelsterne $29,95
Rosemarie Schmuck Anneliese Schröder
Dreidimensionale Klöppelsterne  In this volume, the authors demonstrate how a simple strip of lace can be transformed into a 3D star. You will find 14 different stars all very easy to work. The pricking is provided on an extra folded sheet
Lampions und Blüten $30.00
Rosemarie Schmuck
Lampions und Blüten Here in this booklet two simple strips of lace are worked and folded, crocheted and pulled together to form interesting three-dimensional objects. 18 patterns (10 flowers and 8 Chinese lanterns), prickings for each pattern, with a coloured photo and instructions for working.
Variationen in Blüte $35.00
Christine Mirecki.
Variationen in Blüte Christine Mirecki. new booklet greets the spring with about 30 floral patterns. Mostly they are single bobbin lace flowers with 6 or 8 petals and are worked in colour. Gathering or combining two patterns is used to produce three-dimensional or double flowers. Then there are a couple of colourful mats in a variety of sizes and shapes. In all, a whole bunch of colourful spring patterns.
English, French, German
Fenterbilder mal Anders 7 kloppelbriefe $23.00
Sabina Frank-Hart
Fenterbilder mal Anders 7 kloppelbriefe In these booklets, the author presents four flower motifs (daffodil, tulip, convolvulus and bellflower) in round or oval frames. Also you will find two stars patterns and a Christmas tree; all about 20 cm. Easy to work with coloured threads, gathering and sewing together produce three-dimensional effects. With lace pickings.
Kunterbunte klöppel-ostereier $20,00
Annelies Kirst
Kunterbunte klöppel-ostereier 20 colourful Easter egg patterns in bobbin lace. With color photographs and pricking, there is almost no text necessary.
Neue klöppel-ostereier $20.00
Annelies Kirst
Neue klöppel-ostereier  Like the previous one it offers beautiful Easter eggs patterns, spring flowers and butterfly motifs. Variety of bobbin lacemaking techniques: Schneeberg, Milanese tape laces, Torchon, Duchesse, net ground and Flanders lace. Photos of the colourful eggs, instructions, working diagrams and lace pricking.
Geklöppelte ostereier $20.00
Annelies Kirst
Geklöppelte ostereier  A third booklet on Easter eggs. Includes 20 colourful patterns, in various techniques all quick easy to work; the lace eggs look good hung in a window, on Easter decorations or as little gifts.
Abécédaire $28.00
Michelle Andreu
Abécédaire The fifth booklet in the series Cahiers de la Dentellière. Elegantly curved designs, decorative and easy to work single alphabet letters, tally flowers are scattered decoratively around the letters. The same designs are used as patterns for “traditional embroidery” (chain stitch, french knots and lazy daisy stitch) and also for silk ribbon embroidery. Patterns are provided on an extra sheet.