Ethafoam Cookie Pillow 22" Plates with Silver Plated rim
Overall diameter 20cm /8" / $55.00
Display diameter : 14.5cm/5"¾
Overall diameter: 14.5cm /6"  /$12.00
Display diameter : 15cm /4"¼"

Mechlin LaceSterling Silver Pins/$25.00
These pins are hand-crafted from sterling silver.
Two models available:
1-Midlands 2- Cluny

Roller Pillow Pendant /$30.00
Beautiful simple elegant gold pendant easy to mount including a velour mount.  The design area is  1 7/16 “x1”

Wood base, movable block pillowsInsert Rulers
Available size:15cm /6" / $10.00
space to display the lace : 15cmx3cm/6"x1¼"
Available size:30cm /12"  /$12.00
space to display the lace : 30cmx3cm/12"x1¼"

Wood base, movable block pillowsGlass Round Paper Press/$25.00
Beautiful glass round paper press, to present your bobbin lace,  needle lace  or embroidery Easy to mount including a green velour mount
Diameter: 9cm  3¼"
Height: 2cm  ¾"

Ethafoam BlockInsert  acrylic  bottle coaster/$8.00
Diameter: 9cm 3¼"
Height: 1¼cm 1/2"

Bolster PillowsKey Fob/$2.50
Specially made with deep frame to take craftwork without the cover popping out.
Display area 1-1/2"x1-¼ (30mmx40mm)

Bolster PillowsBookmarks Sleeves /$1.50
These clear plastic sleeves will protect lace & embroidery bookmarks from the ravages of use.
*Available size: 1.5", 2" and 2.5". 

Bolster PillowsAcrylic frame /$3.00
2" high x 3¼" wide with magnet

Bolster PillowsFan Stick
In natural wood
 Available:  Handle: 10cm  
Space for the lace :9cm  /$25.00
Handle: 11.5cm
Space for the lace/$35.00

Bolster PillowsFan Stick /$15.00
The handle is made from Natural wood on one side, 16.5cm, linen yellow fabric 6.5cm.  On other side the wood is painted in bright yellow. 

Bolster PillowsSmall Fan Stick/ $20.00       
 In cherry Wood   
Handle: 4cm
Space for the lace:4.5cm