Cookie Pillows

Covered with 100% cotton , colors differ depending on availability. The cover can be removed for hand wash. Wood base and covered with felt.

Pin-Lifte Duchesse and Honiton Withof Lace Ethafoam Cookie Pillow  / $160.00
22" round, 2" height

Mechlin LaceEthafoam Cookie Pillow / $145.00
20" round, 2" height

Bucks Point, Honiton Roller Pillow /$225.00
Try our new roller pillow, dimensions of 66 cm wide x 50cm deep (26”x20) the roll is filled with ethafoam,16cm/6 wide and Diameter 15cm /6" (circumference)-50cm/ 20", hardwood ends. The pillow has a wooden base and the roller sits in a polished hardwood frame.
* Covered with 100% cotton , colors differ depending on availability.

Movable block pillows

Torchon Russian lace (plaited) lacesWood base, movable block pillows. /$220.00
Overall dimension is 22" x 22". The octagonal shape has all the advantages of a round pillow while maintaining maximum flexibility in block movements. Comes complete with 12 ethafoam blocks and 4 corners blockes. Has 6 individual block measuring 5"3/16 x 5"3/16, and 12 half blocks. Which allows to work more in the same distance.
*Not covered.

Torchon Russian lace (plaited) lacesEthafoam Block
Individual blocks available in:
*Square: 5″3/16 x 5″3/16.
                *Half blocks: 5″3/16 x 2″5/ 8

Bolster Pillows

Ideal pillow for the lacemakers who enjoy working with bolster pillows. Made with 2" ethafoam, covered with 100% blue cotton fabric. Two sizes available:

Torchon Russian lace (plaited) lacesLength - 35cm/14"/$80.00

Torchon Russian lace (plaited) lacesLength - 40cm/16"/$90.00

Cradle for round pillow

Torchon Russian lace (plaited) laces Pine wood/ $45.00
Width 25cm/9"¾
                Length 26.5 cm /10"½

Torchon Russian lace (plaited) lacesBeechwood/ $65.00
Width 25cm/9"¾
              Length 26.5 cm /10"½

Transport Bag

Torchon Russian lace (plaited) laces Transport Bag / $75.00.
For 22 inch pillow, perfect size bag for the octagonal pillow and the cookie pillow.
Two big pockets inside to keep books notes and other lace material.
Made in strong fabric, opens at both sides with 2 zippers, can be washed.
* Different colors depending on availability