Pin-LiftePin-Lifte Pear wood $8.50

Pin-PusherPin-Pusher Pear wood $8.50

Pricker Pricker Pear wood $8.50

Pusher-LifterPusher-Lifter Pear wood $14.00

Pin-PusherPin-Pusher $18.00
in different exotic woods

Pin-LiftePin-Lifte $18.00
In different exotic woods

Mandarin PrickerMandarin Pricker $30.00
In different exotic woods

Mandarin PrickerMandarin Pricker Guatambu Wood $22.00

Mandarin PrickerMandarin Picker Metal $15.00
Round metal silver color can be used with needle the different thicknesses, and other tools
Tools to attach in mandarin pricker

The traditional tool for Duchesse Lace The traditional tool for Duchesse Lace $2.50
Lazy Susan extra fine eye  $2.00
Lacy Susan $1.75

Tool Set

Tool Set $95.00
This beautiful set includes:
*Pin Pusher *Pin Lifter *Pricker
*0.4mm Crochet Hook with cover *Lazy Susan
The handles are made in turned polished pearwood, presented in a nice dark brown box with satin velvetine lining. Elastic bands to secure the tools.

Latch Hook Latch Hook Fine wood hand $16.00
A very fine tucking needle, which closes to hold the thread no matter the thickness of the thread. The hand in different exotic wood

The traditional tool for doing sewing in Duchesse Lace, (bent needle).The hand in different exotic wood

Crochet Duchesse Crochet Duchesse $12.00

Crochet Duchesse
Crochet Duchesse $12.00

Crochet DuchesseCrochet Duchesse $15.00
Extra  fine crochet it wood hand

Crochet hooks SteelCrochet hooks Steel $4.00
  *0.4mm, 0.5mm or 0.6mm  0.75 /Super smooth point

Crochet hooks SteelCrochet hooks $4.50
0.35 mm. New very fine crochet, super smooth point for very fine threads 

Lazy Susan Lazy Susan $10.00

Curved NeedleCurved Needle $4.50
John James assorted Package of 4 curved needles, different sizes

Pin cushionPin cushion $11.00
Wooden base pin cushion with a needle in the bottom base to hold to the pillow.

Kitten Pin cushion Kitten Pin cushion $30.00
A classic heavy brass pin cushion, 3" x 2.5"

Magnet Magnet $14.00
To hold the pins safe on your pillow, also a good tool to pick up the pins from the pin box without poking yourself. With a safety head to keep after being used

Bobbin Winder
Bobbin Winder $95.00
Wood finish construction. The system is adaptable to bobbins of all length.
Height: 17cm/6½"
Length 25cm/10

Newnham Bobbin winderNewnham Bobbin winder $75.00
Nylon construction, suitable for most bobbins, especially Midlands’s bobbins.

Pillow RollerPillow Roller $10.00
In turned wood with holes to allow to pinning it the pillow.
A wonderful and useful tool to have to roll the lace in place.
*Available in different types of Woods,

Utensils Cup Utensils Cup $12.00
A wonderful and useful tool to have on the pillow to keep the utensils at hand.

Bobbin Thread HolderBobbin Thread Holder Pear wood$12.00
Made in wood, with a needle in the bottom base to hold to the pillow

Lace makers HorseshoeLace makers Horseshoe $11.00
This ingenious tool is placed over the patterns under the threads. When working motifs it prevents threads from catching on the pins and breaking
*Available in white and green

Leather Protection Leather Protection $37.00
Shape designed to protect the lace in progress and cover the pins,when working on top of it . Also helps the bobbins to slide better. Approximate length: 42cm x 27 cm.
Color: Black, blue

Matte Blue Film Matte Blue Film $12.00
Blue matte film adhesive, 1 m. 

Fork Fork  
*Available: about 7" (17½cm) long  $6.00
About 9" (22½cm) $7.00

Bobbin HolderBobbin Holder $5.00
Springy to secure bobbins

Bobbin Holder Bobbin Holder $4.50
Made of different woods, about 6"¼ long with small hole to pin to the pillow.

Bobbin HolderBobbin Holder $3.50
Colorful bobbin holders lively and exciting, full of color, very useful to hold your bobbins and at the same time give color to your pillow, a good size when you have many bobbins in your pillow.
*About 5" long with small hole to pin to the pillow.