Linen Threads for Bobbin Lace
Needle Lace & embroidery

Pella Linen

This wonderful finish thread is available in an ivory colors. It is a strong, smooth thread with soft sheen it is ideal for collars, table linens Laces which require a good body.

30/3 (100gr)590m-------------$20.00
50/3 (100gr)1,050m-----------$27.00
50/3 (100gr)1,050m-----------$27.00
Yvory white,Natural
70/3(50gr) 550m -------------$24.00
100/3(50gr)900m -------------$25.00

Bockens Linen

This wet-sp un linen is will- know and been a Favourite for years for lace makers and needlework such as:
*bobbin Lace. Needle Lace, Filet Lace. Hedebo Embroidery and Ruskin Lace, Open Work Embroidery
18/3half-bleached ----------------$11.50
35/3 white, half-bleached----------$12.50
40/3 white, half-bleached----------$12.50
50/3 white, half-bleached----------$12.50
35/2 white, half-bleached----------$12.50
natural, ecru
40/2 white, half-bleached----------$12.50
natural, ecru
60/2white,half bleached------------$12.50
ecru, natural 
80/2 white, half-bleached-----------$12.50
90/2 white, half-bleached-----------$12.50

Fresia Linen

LAce 8
A mercerized thread which is renowned for its Lustre and for its lustre and strength,
*Is good for: bobbin Lace Needle Lace Filet Lace Hedebo Embroidery, Ruskin Lace, and Open Work Embroidery
30/2 -white, ecru (20gr)-----------$10.50
40/2 -white (20gr)-----------------$13.75
50/2 -white,ecru(20gr)------------$13.75
30/2-white, ecru (20gr---- --------$13.75
40/2-white (20gr)-- ---------------$13.75
50/2-white,ecru (20gr)- -----------$13.75
60/2–white (20gr)-----------------$13.75
70/2 -white,cream(20gr) ----------$13.75
90/2-white ecru (20gr)------------$17.00

Lin Fil au Chinois

This high quality matte linen thread, made in France has a wonderful luster and strengh.
*Is good for: bobbin Lace Needle Lace Filet Lace Hedebo Embroidery, Ruskin Lace, and Open Work Embroidery
18/2(50gr) white ecru-------------$27.00
21/2 (50gr)White -------------- ---$27.00
24/2(50Gr) White -----------------$32.00
45/2 (50gr) White ecru------------35.00
60/2(50Gr White ecru-------------$35.00

Goldschild Linen  

GOLDSCHILD LINENThis is an incredible thread. It is made from the Line of the linen (the longest part of the fibre.) It is so smooth, you will thing that you are working it cotton. It has a wonderful silken sheen and is available in a wide variety of weights and stunning a favourite for all of those who want color in his work.

18/3 (90m) white (11) Ivory(15) ---------$10.50
50/3 (225m) white and 26 colours-------$12.50
66/3(300m) white and 26 colours --------$13.50
80/3 (350m ) white and 26 colours-------$13.50
100/3 (450 m)white, natural, half-white--$15.50
ash grey -(14)
80/2 (525m) White(11) Ivory(15)--------$14.50
100/2(675 m) white (11)-----------------$15.50
natural , half-white

*See colour chart below