Portuguese Whitework $ 32.50
Yvette Stanton
Portuguese Whitework Bullion Embroidery from Guimarães (from northern of Portugal) the book begins with an explanation of what Guimarães embroidery is and what it entails,   followed by a nice history of the technique. This book is a combination instructional manual and a project book,  like tablecloth table runne, a colection of little ornaments. Each project is accompanied by instruction that take you step-by-step through the project.  
Sardinian Knotted Embroidery $38.50
Yvette Stanto
Sardinian Knotted Embroidery Here the author takes us to Teulada Sardinian to teach with step-by-step manual in style of Knotted whitework embroidery. There are 11 projects, suitable for beginners through to advanced embroideries. Each project has detailed instructions with clear diagrams. You will also find separate instructions for left-handers embroider.
La Broderie Blanche Jours et dentelle $49.00
Ayako Otsuka
La Broderie Blanche Jours et dentelle A beautiful book in refined white embroidery like Schwalm whitework, Hedebo, Ruskin lace, Casalguidi embroidery and drawn-thread work. For each technique there are step by step illustrations and diagrams, 24 models : cushions bags, tablecloth, doilies, book cover and much more, a must on the embroiderer library
Early Schwalm Whitework$52.50
Luzine Happel
Early Schwalm Whitework Described in great detail and illustrated with step-by-step instructions including many old, traditional Schwalm designs.
Broderie Blanche de Schwalm $52.50
Hisako Nishisu
Broderie Blanche de Schwalm New book on Schwalm embroidery whit lost of patterns all full diagramed with step by step instruct.
Broderie un air de campagne $25.00
Éditions Didier Carpentier
Éditions Didier Carpentier You will find in this book all the basic techniques of the traditional embroidery and the diversity of their application.The color threads range to be used, and simple explanations to guide you step by step on achieving these 14 beautiful projects,
The Hand-Stitched Flower Garden $23.00
Yuki Sugashima
Éditions Didier Carpentier These delicate designs are all inspired by nature, using and dimensional stiches and bead embroidery. Over 45 beautiful floral designs to embroider plus 20 great project ideas.They range from violets, sunflowers, asters and daffodils. The project feacture step-by-step instructions with actual size template.
La Broderie Richelieu $32.00
La Broderie Richelieu Here we find traditional withwork embroidery that is white on white. 25 patterns for sets, doilies, curtains, 3 pillow cases, a rectangular and an oval picture with birds, tablecloths and a large bedspread. Lots of floral motifs, three patterns are worked in color, the book begins with a brief introduction to the technique of the Richelieu embroidery. Beautiful photos and the patterns must be copied from the book and increases.
Gardens in Embroidery $50.00
Val Holmes
Gardens in Embroidery A practical course in embroidery design based on garden subjects.The first chapter introduces artists materials and how to use them,The author explains the techniques needed to record information and extract for embroidery.
realce #150 $16.00
Tulle Embroidery Smocking & Stitches A booklet with large patterns for Palestrina stitch, 9 patterns on separate sheets so one can do: tablecloths, table runners, table sets, bedspread and more.
Stumpwork Embroidery $42.00
Kay & Michael Dennis
Tulle Embroidery Smocking & StitchesFeaturing clear step-by-step techniques and inventive projects from the Beginner's Guide to Stumpwork, stumpwork seasons and stumpwork figures, this comprehensive book is the essential guide to the art of stumpwork.
Victorian Needlework Techniques and designs $18.50
Flora klickmann
Victorian Needlework Techniques and designs This Vintage volume offers a treasury of what the Victorians termed ‘fancywork’ decorative stitching such as Bulgarian, Catalan, Hungarian, and Baro embroidery; netting Berlin wool-work; and more.
Waverly Honor $35.50
Martha Anne Hart & Hester Neblett
Waverly Honor A worhbook with hundreds of patterns collected by the young Virginia Baskervill at her home Waverly Honor .Detailed instructions for seventeen whitework embroidery techniques are given in a well_ illustrated appendix.
Chinese Embroidery $55.00
Shao Xiaocheng
Chinese Embroidery An illustrated stitch guide. It over 40 exquisite projects.To enjoy, learn and master through exquisite photographs and step-by –step instructions This book gives a brief history of Chinese embroidery, the different schools in different ages, their styles , knowledge about selection, and collecting and preservation of embroidery articles.