Hut sabrina $16.00
Christine Mirecki.
Hut sabrinaFolded flyer DIN A5 with bobbin Lace pattern and instructions for 2 hats With the popular Sabrina pattern, known for its scarf and shawl. (The blue hat is known as Hut Kim from my first hat book "Sommerhüt The material used: Goldschild linen 80/3
German, French, and English
Bolero and Jacke Alexa $30.00
Christine Mirecki.
Bolero and Jacke AlexaSize M (42/44) Bolero and jacket in bobbin lace Booklet with pattern and work instructions Material required for the jacket- about 80g
Polychromie & dentelles$58.50
Odette Alpin
Polychromie & dentellesIn this book of 100 pages the author and his team of professional lace makers offers 10 models of Cluny Polychrome including 4 new models. Pendant, earring, bracelet etc. All creations are accompanied with technical drawings and detailed sketches for all the patterns.
La couleur de la Dentelles Caroline$58.50
Panthier Sabot Claudine Chanteloube
La couleur de la Dentelles CarolinePretty and colorful new book on jewelry and accessories. Earrings, bracelet, pendant, headband, brooch, necklace.
Col en Dentelle aux Fuseaux$58.50
Panthier Sabot Claudine Chanteloube
Col en Dentelle aux FuseauxThe author offers 18 models that revisit the tradition stating that bobbin lace making is a living art. Playing on different styles and materials (cotton, metal, silk ...) Diagrams with detailed and clear explanations and pricking.
Bobbin lace Jewellery $56.50
Jennifer MacPherson
Bobbin lace Jewellery In this book the author brought together the techniques that she learn along the way to enable lacemakers of all abilities and experience to enjoy making and wearing some exciting pieces: Broches, earring, necklaces, evening bag, wedding tiara and chapter in wire lace jewellery.
Bijoux et Accessoires de Mode en Dentelle$52.50
Martine Piveteau
Bijoux et Accessoires de Mode en DentelleNewest book by the author in fashion accessories. She presents handbags, a purse entirely made of lace, scarves, various collars and necklaces (some where the lace surrounds thbeads), pendants and also lots of ideas for modern ways to use bobbin lace.
Dentelle aux Fuseaux Perlée Bijoux et accessoires $52.50
Magali Demelle Déboudard
Dentelle aux Fuseaux Perlée Bijoux et accessoires The author exposes a collection of fashion accessories like pendants, bracelets, earrings, trinkets, a tie, a scarf, two fans, evening bags, purse, jewellery case, etc.
Bobbin Lace Jewellery and Accessories ӀӀ $62.00
Lia Looga
Bobbin Lace Jewellery and Accessories ӀӀ A second book from this author where she presents 137 patterns for broches, earrings, necklaces, scarves and much more. All the pieces are all quickly and easy to work.
Estonian, English and German.
Bobbin Lace Jewellery
$49.50Karen Marie Iversen
Bobbin Lace Jewellery A book on bobbin lace jewellery but with a twist. The author uses here the Lutac technique, a method to combine threads to achieve a relief effect. There are patterns for broches, bracelets, and earrings, pendants for necklaces, with or without beads.
Bijoux en Dentelle aux Fuseaux $48.95
Colette Varet
Bijoux en Dentelle aux Fuseaux Collett Varet offers in this book a collection of beautiful jewellery, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in a variety of forms and colours, made with a range of threads, wire and perls. Very easy to make, described in details with illustrations and working diagrams.
RAISING THE PROFILE OF LACE 1st International Symposium of Young Lace Makers. A volume created by a group of young artist and designers whose passion for their work has allowed them to make laces which are truly their own and who are willing to share their work. Lace & Tradition, Lace & Fashion and Lace & Art.
27 Earring Patterns $20.00
Lace Guild
27 Earring PatternsOn this lace guild publication it offers 22 patterns for earrings, in different techniques; Torchon, Honiton, bedfordshire,milanese, bucks point,beaded bobbin lace, tatting, needle lace,and crochet, all in different forms and shapes for pierced and unpierced ears,
Sabrina Top $22.00
Barbara Corbet
Sabrina Top Booklet with work instructions and pricking for top. Torchon technique.
Size 38/40
Material usage for Top: 100 G
Leonie Vest and Top $25.00
Christine Mireckit
Leonie Vest and TopA lovely creation of Christine Mirecki, a booklet with a pricking for a Vest or Top.
Size S (38/40)
SizeM (42/44)
SizeL (46-50)
Johanna $24.00
Christine Mirecki
Johanna Booklet with work instructions and pricking for a Jacket with 1/2 and 3/4 sleeves.
Size M (40-42) the piece is worked in two parts.
Decrease for size S (38/40) to 92% and use a thinner thread.
Enlarge for size L (46/50) to 108% and use a thicker thread.
Material usage: Depending on the size and number of colors a total of about 150 - 250G
Top and Skirt $20.00
Christine Mirecki
Top and SkirtBooklet with work instructions and pricking for a top and skirt.
Size 38/40
Material usage for Top: 100-150G /for Skirt: 150-200G
Christine Mirecki
Seiden-TopBooklet with work instructions and pricking for top. Torchon technique. 
Size M 42/44
Contemporary Lace for you $62.50
Jane Atkinson
Contemporary Lace for you  A must-have designer’s Handbook for all creative people. Needing only very basic bobbin lace skills. This kind of lace relies for its impact on easy to design but interesting grids, also useful for other textiles such as patchwork and printing, and on making use of the wide variety of threads and yarns available for knitting, embroidery and weaving.
Also included is useful information about dyeing threads.