Il Merletto Veneziano ad ogo$30.00
Ombretta Panese, Marialuisa Severi
Il Merletto Veneziano ad ogoHere the author presents a basic guide in Venetian lace. This publication contains the school points to give the start to the early work, accompanied by explanations, photographs and clear diagrams.

Punto Cologna $32.95
Marilisa Edoni
Punto ColognaPunto Cologna is a needle lace point imported in the early 1600s to Cologna Veneto from Venice. Just when it seemed that this ancient art had disappeared with the last Lacemaker Marrilisa Edoni, punto cologna resurfaced and was rediscovered once again. With some graphics, color lace photos and 30 patterns. Italian.
Motivi Nel Merletto Veneziano ad ogo $37.50
Ombretta Panese, Marialuisa Severi
Motivi Nel Merletto Veneziano ad ogo This third publication dedicated to the Venetian needle lace, provides techniques,clear photos, diagrams and also new ideas to perform a variety of decorative motifs.
I Retini Nel Merletto Veneziano ad ago $30.50
Ombretta Panese, Marialuisa Severi.

  I Retini Nel Merletto Veneziano ad ago In this book with step-by-step instructions and diagrams of point of the needle lace of Venice. A good book for needle lace makers, with different stitches, easy to follow even without knowledge of Italian..
Corso Base Due $30.00
Bianca Rosa Bellomo, Carla D'Alessandro, Luisa Monteventi
Hexe in bänderspitze Another new book from" Quaderni di Aemilia Ars", a course on needle lace with sept-by-step illustrations and photos of details of the work. Easy to follow even without knowledge of Italian
Filet Lace Stitches and Patterns $36.50
Margaret Morgan
Filet Lace Stitches and Patterns Filet lace is one of the oldest forms of lacemaking, in this book in "Section Ι " step-by-step detailed basic stitch lessons, "Section ӀӀ" provides patterns and instruction four fourteen projects with modern fillet lace designs . "Section ӀӀӀ “reproduces in modern form nine patterns from very old source.
Ruskin Lace & linen Work $37.50
Elizabeth Prickett
Ruskin Lace & linen Work This book is a functional working manual for needle workers to enjoy the making of Ruskin Lace. This book contains icy diagrams, illustrations and 69 patterns
Bibilla Knotted Lace Flowers $39.50
Elena Dicksonl
Bibilla Knotted Lace Flowers Bibilla is a form of knotted lace, using a needle that is believed to have originated in antiquity and has been practiced in various eastern European countries. The author has modified the traditional techniques to make her flowers as realistic as possible. The book begins it a section on techniques Followed with detailed sep-by-step instruction for 12 Australian wildflowers.