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As you work your lace and you feel you need advice or approval to continue, take a picture of it and send it. We will email you the tips or changes necessary and positive advice. At the end, if you wish you can send us your project and we can give you a positive feedback on you progress.
* There is no time limit for advice or free correspondence.

Needle lace course for beginners

Needle lace course for beginners This beginner’s course will introduce lace makers and embroiderers to new skills and open new doors in the wonderful world of lace making. Throughout these five sessions, you will learn four basic lace stitches At the end of this course, you will be able to create a delicate 3-D lace flower.

Material included in the Kit

Material included in the Kit * A 17 page booklet (English/French) with step by step instructions, pictures and diagrams;
* Piece of plain muslin 70cmx30cm;
* The tulip design in bristol paper;
* 30cm square of matte blue film;
* 2- colors (pink and green of Vennus threads N#70);
* 1- ball of DMC cotton Perlé N#5;
* 2-bobbin of 200m of sewing thread;
* 1-N#24 tapestry needle /1 regular sewing needle;
* 2- wire for the flower.

Needle lace intermediate course

Needle lace intermediate course This second course will introduce the lace maker to different and more advanced stitches.
Throughout this course, you will learn 7 distinct needlepoint stitches. Also, the raised work that is well known in Venetian Gros Point Lace. Step-by step photos and clear diagrams explaining each stitches and raised worked.

Material included in the Kit

Material included in the Kit*Un livret (anglais/français) de 17 pages avec les étapes à suivre, photos et diagrammes;
*  Piece of plain muslin 30cmx60cm;
*   Butterfly design; 
*  19cm square of matte blue film;
*   Vennus threads N#70,1 ball black (#900),1ball orange(#172),2 balls of yellow (#543), 2 balls of dark red (#191);
* sewing thread (color matched with the selected thread);
* 1-N#24 tapestry needle;
* 1-regular sewing needle;

Cattleya Orchid

Cattleya Orchid Available soon


Butterfly Available soon