Needle Minder

Beautiful carved needle magnets to hold your needles while doing your embroidery. When doing embroidery work or cross stitch, very often we have more than one needle going. It is in these moments that we appreciate these utensils. Select yours, and enjoy it

Pere NoelPink Lady Cranes on NavyPeacockCurious CatMiller's DragonfliesLily of the ValleyHummingbirdSajou Scissors

$13.00 each

How to use the needle minderHow to use the needle minder
Place the needle minder on the front of the fabric and place the separate magnet on the back of the fabric directly below the needle minder on the front. The minder is held in place by the magnet on the back. And the needles, that are not in use will be safe, and kept out of the way.
*Example shown in the picture 

      (blackwork embroidery)

Needle Winders

Beautiful Thread winders made from mother pearl.
*Example shown with a skein of silk

AlgelCeltic FlowerButterfly Rondelle threads winder Baroque thread winder
$13.00 each