Sternenzauber 1 $49.50
Christine Mirecki
Sternenzauber 1 Magic stars 1.
A soft cover book with 35 new patterns of beautiful colorful stars, in Milanese lace. Including the pricking and a color code diagram for each star, a photo of the finished lace and the thread recommendations.

English, German and French
Spitze kleidet-Mailänder Spitze 1 $49.50
Christine Mirecki
Spitze kleidet-Mailänder Spitze 1 Lace for fashion
Introduction to the technique of the Milanese lace and well-drawn patterns with short specification of material for insertions, sleeves, collars and ornaments, many pictures in colour of each lace and its matching garment. .
English, German and French
Spitze Kleidet - Mailänder Spitze2 $49.50
Christine Mirecki
Spitze Kleidet - Mailänder Spitze2 Lace for fashion.
Well drawn patterns for Milanese laces in linen 50/2 and 40/2 for garments. Decorations for sleeves, shoulders and necklines in interesting shapes, with colour photos of the mounted laces.

English, German and French
Tallies and Pin Chains $75.50
Donnelly, Giusiana, Carnegie
Tallies and Pin Chains Lace Patterns from the Collection of Museum Sonderjylland Kulturhistorie Tonder. 95-page hard cover book, starts with a long-awaited section illustrating the technique of Tønder lace followed by 34 reconstructed patterns, with colored diagrams and picture of the finished lace.
English Danish German
Lace identification $75.50
Gillian Dye & Jean Leader
Lace identificationTwilling A Hardcover 176 pages’ book- by two well known lace makers and authors which sets out to answer we all face when attempting to identify a piece of old lace - What type of lace is it? How old is it? Is it hand-made or machine-made? What would it have been used for? It deals predominantly with the history and construction of hand-made and machine laces of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, setting out guidelines for a systematic approach to lace identification and advice on cleaning and storage. There are separate chapters on the different types of lace: bobbin lace, needle lace, craft laces such as crochet and tatting, machine lace and lace based on tapes and nets. There are exercises on distinguishing similar pieces of lace made using different techniques and illustrations of how lace has been used and of some tools used in the making. Excellent presentation, profusely illustrated, with over 340 color photographs.
Endlos II $62.00
Sylvia Vollmer
Endlos II A 50 pages hard cover book with 12 new patterns which may be extended or combined in different ways for curtains, shawls in various shapes and two large stars. Instructions with specification of threads and colour photos of the laces, patterns with factor of enlargement.
In German (with English and French translations online)
121 Honiton Lace Fillings $68.50
The Devon lace Teachers ~revised
Lace identificationBased on the original work and book by Christine Hawken, this 159-page book outlines the names and techniques for 121 Honiton fillings. You can use this book for traditional Honiton patterns or for contemporary laces requiring interesting fillings. English, German.
Barjac Ombrée II $60.00
Ulrike Voelcker
Barjac Ombrée II Another major work from this popular author which is sure to be a must-have book. It opens with three training projects which have step-by-step instructions. These are followed by 32 Floral Torchon projects. Another major work from this popular author which is sure to be a must-have book. Each project is supported with a photo, pricking, technical illustrations and coloured diagrams, plus a large fold out with diagrams.
English, German.
Twilling $23.00
Ulrike Voelcker
Twilling Twilling, a term originated in loom weaving, describing edge binding. It was first used in lace making by Czech lace teachers as they developed modern laces in the 1980s. Ulrike has since developed the technique further, using it for edges and gimps. Now, during the Corona lockdown, she has now taken things further to demonstrate connections between the various aspects of the technique. This interesting booklet is the result. It presents very detailed descriptions of the various twilling techniques followed by 8 exercise projects which use the techniques. One project - a phone purse - is shown in the second image - click to focus and again to enlarge. Both the description of the techniques and the exercise projects are very well supported by colour-assisted diagrams, photographs and detailed.
English, German.
Schneestern-Snow Star $30.00
Ulrike Voelcker
Schneestern - Snow Star Booklet presenting a pattern that uses a variety of snowflake grounds to form an attractive overall shape. The complete project consists of 24 triangles with 48 backgrounds. Could be adaptable to be limited to 6, 10, 13 or 16 triangles, arranged in a series of alternative shapes. Contrasting shades of threads are used to value the design and experienced lace makers may enjoy this experiment. Photo of the lace and the different backgrounds, pricking, international colour code and diagrams if necessary
Bedfordshire Lace $57.95
Jean Leader
Bedfordshire Lace This practical book is suitable for both the beginner and experienced lace makers wishing to learn these techniques to realize this elegance for themselves. Begins with basic Information for the beginner, there are detailed instructions for the various stitches and material requirements. There is a series of twenty-six patterns, some traditional and others designed more recently. These are supported by instructions, photographs and diagrams. The patterns include small motifs, edgings - some with corners for handkerchiefs - butterflies and, finally, three exquisite collars.
Torchon Lacemaking: A Manual of Techniques $39.95
Elizabeth Wade
Schneestern - Snow Star Bobbin lacemaking is a wonderfully therapeutic hobby. This manual is intended as a primer for the newcomer, or those taking up a class of study. Torchon lacemaking is ideal for the beginner, it is also a stepping stone to other forms of lacemaking. The book also contains information on reading patterns, on mounting lace in a variety of ways, and advice on changing the scale of the lace using different grids and a variety of threads. Ideas are given for coloured lace and tips on lace design. A number of projects to try are included—cake frills and garters, small mats and handkerchiefs, lavender bags and pin cushions.
Blackwork Embroidery $61.00
Jen Goodwin
Blackwork Embroidery This practical book presents a number of ways to approach blackwork embroidery, from forming basic stitches and patterns to developing complex shaded pieces with confidence. Through an assortment of exercises, it introduces the principles of shading along with several projects to further explore the potential of blackwork. Detailed instructions on designing and developing shaded pieces of blackwork embroidery are given along with guidance on how to choose suitable images for translating into stitch. Step-by-step instructions on how to form basic stitches and how to form patterns are included as well as almost 250 shaded patterns, indicating how differing patterns appear when worked in different thicknesses of thread. Finally, patterns are grouped by family for easy identification and pattern blending.
Crewelwork Embroidery $61.00
Becky Quine
Crewelwork Embroidery Crewelwork has a long history, but this book brings the technique right up to date. It mixes contemporary styles with older traditions to give an exciting twist on this enduring and beautiful style of embroidery. Becky Quine, a tutor of the Royal School of Needlework, clearly explains each step to making a piece, from early planning to stitching and finally to presentation. She encourages new ideas and a fresh, creative look at this popular and timeless technique.
For the Love of Lace $32.00
Kathy Hensel
For the Love of Lace For the Love of Lace” by Kathy Hensel is a 28-page pattern book containing 14 bobbin lace patterns, both original designs and patterns that have been adapted from existing pieces of lace, Most of the patterns are in Russian Tape Lace, also some in Torchon and 1 pattern in Floral buck’s point, and several other whimsical patterns that just might make you smile!
La maille de Bailleul $45.00
Isabelle Gruson
La maille de Bailleul. Isabelle Gruson presents a beautiful fine lace: Bailleul. Applied since the 18th century, this lace was used first for lingerie and then for decorating household linen. In this book you will discover a clear and detailed learning method with 50 technical patterns for all skill levels. The samples on offer are taken from an apprentice's notebook of the early 20th century and provide charm and nostalgia to this beautiful lace.
Dentelle aux fuseaux spécial débutants $38.00
Caroline Panthier Sabot & Claudine Chanteloube
Dentelle aux fuseaux spécial débutants This book includes an explanation of the materials needed, a theory chapter on the basic skills, step by step details of the most useful stitches, 8 designs using each stitch, 6 designs combining techniques, and links to bobbin lace techniques on videos.
Frivolite avec des perles $42.50
Bernadette Baldelli
Frivolite avec des perles Bernadette Baldelli, is a tatting specialist, winner of the SEMA (craft) prize for a tatting necklace, she has been teaching this technique for many years. She invites you to learn, step by step, using diagrams and her many tips, all the techniques of tatting. Tatting rhymes with elegance, lightness, delicacy. Bernadette proves it by imagining refined accessories with finesse and accessible to beginners. Threads in subtle colours and fine glass beads intertwine to create patterns inspired by nature, such as flowers and delicate Lianas.
L’art de la frivolite a motifs végétaux $55.50
Sumi Fujishige
L’art de la frivolite a motifs végétaux The art of tatting has experienced a real boom in recent years. Allowing the creation of refined jewellery, elegant collars or bewitching doilies, this technique requiring little material will never cease to captivate you with its delicacy. A thread and a shuttle give birth to sophisticated floral patterns, evoking old lace with timeless charm. Step-by-step photos and explanations in the form of diagrams guide you through each step of the production.
Starts & Finishes $75.50
Susan Wenzel
Starts & FinishesIn this program, Susan demonstrates her own unique approache from starting to finishing a variety of torchon lace projects. Susan explains each of her techniques with diagrams and demonstrates them on the pillow. Projects include: a bookmark with a whole stitch start and a braided ending, a bookmark with a false footside start and a woven ending, a bookmark starting and ending with picots, a circular torchon edging with a Flanders-style overlapped finish, an edging starting at the footside and an edging starting and finishing along a gimp thread. Included with this program are four pattern sheets with the six projects Susan demonstrates on camera and two additional pickings for further practice, along with working diagrams for each pattern.
running time: 3 hr 40 min

An Introduction to Binche Lace$110.50
Sally Schoenberg
An Introduction to Binche LaceThe present video adds the elements you need to advance from Flanders patterns to Binche patterns: the Paris ground, big snowflakes, and the more complicated cloth-stitch areas found in Binche designs today. These patterns have more complicated diagrams than the Flanders patterns. This video also covers sizing patterns for different threads, from 24/3 to 120/2, a very important skill given the multiplicity of sizes of patterns from all the different designers and different publications.
running time: 7 hours
Intermediate Skills in Bucks Point Lace$110.50
Jean Leader
Intermediate Skills in Bucks Point LaceThis is an intermediate level program, and you are expected to have already covered the basic Bucks Point techniques, although these are reviewed where they occur in the patterns. The first pattern is for a handkerchief edging and next comes a pattern for this edging with a cucumber footside. The other patterns are for a bookmark, a hexagonal motif and a small medallion with a butterfly and flowers. An additional pattern for a wider handkerchief edging is also included. New techniques introduced are explained step by step and include tallies in point and honeycomb ground, a corner where pairs have to be added and later removed, mayflower in honeycomb, cucumber footside, starting and finishing a bookmark, gimp fingers, working a hexagonal motif, holes in cloth stitch, and ‘bundling’ pairs at the head side.
running time: 6 hr 32 min
En anglais
Chantilly Lace$75.50
Lia Baumeister-Jonker
Chantilly LaceChantilly lace is a black silk point ground lace. It became popular in the 19th century and was used extensively on fashions and accessories. Motifs in Chantilly are most often worked in half stitch. Sometimes other decorative stitches are used in the lace. Chantilly is made with untwisted unboiled black silk threads; and for the coarse pairs, untwisted boiled black silk thread is used. This video provides instruction in the techniques needed to make three edgings Chantilly lace. A Chantilly bookmark pattern is included as extra practice in apply techniques presented. One repeat of each edging pattern is worked on camera with pin-by-pin instruction. By viewing this tape from start to finish before beginning to make the lace, one will gain a good understanding of how Chantilly is made.
running time: 3 hr 57 min
En anglais
An Introduction to Flanders Lace $75.50
Sally Schoenberg
An Introduction to Flanders LaceIn this video, Sally shows how to identify the elements of modern Flanders lace and how to use those components to make a piece of Flanders lace. Three edging patterns are used to teach the essential techniques: 5-hole ground, half of a ground stitch, joining in two times, inputs, outputs, snowflakes and the overlapping finish. The skills learned can be used to make the many old and modern Flanders patterns.
running time: 3 hr 40 min
Milanese Lace $75.50
Louise Colgan
Milanese LaceThis video provides instruction in the techniques that make Milanese Lace so unique. Scrolling tapes highlighted by decorative stitches are characteristic elements that define the Milanese style. Lacemakers will have the chance to learn a combination of traditional and innovative skills applied in a motif format using coloured threads. Key techniques covered are: how to work four different Decorative Braids, Tight-Point and Scroll Turns, Turning-Stitches, Adding Pairs, Back-Stitch, Sewings, Setting up at a Point, and Bundle & Tie Finishing. A Hummingbird design is used to teach these lessons. The pattern is suitable for those new to Milanese or for anyone wishing to gain more expertise with essential skills.
A small heart pattern is included with the printed materials for additional practice.
running time: 3 hr 40 min
Russian Tape Lace$75.50
Lia Baumeister-Jonker
Russian Tape LaceIn this video, Lia shows how to make a Russian Tape Lace butterfly as it is made in Vologda. She gives instructions for the starting of the lace, a stem stitch, a chain stitch, a false plait, turning a corner, a variety of fillings and the finishing of the lace. An additional pattern for a doily is included for further practice.
running time: 2 hr 15 min
Schneeberger Lace $75.50
Lia Baumeister-Jonker
Schneeberger LaceIn this DVD video program, Lia introduces you to this popular lace from the Erzgebirge region of Germany, with background information on how this lace came to be made in this area. Four patterns are used to demonstrate how to make Schneeberger lace: two edgings, a flower motif, and a mat. Each of the following techniques is clearly shown using diagrams and demonstrations. An extra practice pattern is also provided to reinforce using the techniques presented in this program. Included with this program are four pattern sheets with the four projects Lia demonstrates on camera and the additional Daffodil pricking for further practice, along with working diagrams for the Marguerite Filling and the Leaf Filling.
running time: 4 hr 18 min
Gartenträume $60.00
Elfi krüger
Lio Four-part stained-glass window in Binche A new publication from Elfi Krüger which presents: «Garden Dream» 25 patterns express into elegant laces. Duchesse, Bruges Flower lace, Rosaline, Honiton, Rococo and Florence. Each design is accompanied by a very clear photo, a description of the method of working and a detailed working drawing. A good source of information on the origin of each lace and the difference of each technique.
English, German.
Lio Four-part stained-glass window in Binche $35.50
Kant Centrum
Lio Four-part stained-glass window in Binche A folder with a stained-glass window in four parts, combining different grounds with flowers and leaves. 4 parts patterns, working diagrams. In addition, there are four supplementary pickings containing Paris ground stitches, which enable you to work the Paris ground in cloth stitch easily and without problems.
Dutch, French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.
Bucks Point Lace Workbook $60.00
Louise West
Bucks Point Lace Workbook This book covers the basic techniques for lace making that start with Buckinghamshire lace, usually shortened to 'Bucks Point'. The book assumes knowledge of material preparation, lace patterns and basic bobbin lace stitches. It provides the absolute basis for getting started in this traditional English lace, across a range of traditional patterns. The book contains 15 patterns with detailed instructions and 3 additional patterns without instructions. 'Bucks Point' is very similar to Lille lace and is therefore often referred to as 'Lille Anglais'. Bucks Point is very close to the Mechelen and Chantilly lace.
Bits of lace 3 $60.00
Gimnazija Jurija Vege Idrija
Bits of lace 3 The third book of Bits of lace will show you many possibilities how to use Idrija lace.
It contains 15 patterns of Idrija lace, some of them are simple, some quite complex challenges of Idrija lace. All patterns are included, with a color code technical diagram and with a photograph of a finished lace.

English, Sloveniane
Half stitch in Idrija Narrow Tape lace $65.00
Idrija Lace school
Half stitch in Idrija Narrow Tape lace Le livre Idrija Lace - Half stitch in Idrija dentelle a ruban étroit point double a été publié à l'école Idrija Lace. Le manuel contient des instructions sur la réalisation de demi-point en dentelle étroite Idrija et des exemples en combinaison de demi-point et de dentelle étroite Idrija. Comprend des modèles d'exercice, des modèles à pratiquer, on y retrouve plus de 40 modèles pour créer et faire de nombreuses combinaisons.
English, Sloveniane
Idrija Narrow tape lace and double stitch$60.00
Idrija Lace school
Bits of lace 3 Handbook Idrija lace - narrow tape lace and double stitch was published in Idrija Lace School. It contains instructions for learning lace-making and the important details to help the lacemakers to make aesthetically perfect laces. It is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced lace makers who would like to improve and upgrade their knowledge. In the book you can find 13 exercise patterns and 16 patterns in Idrija narrow tape lace and double stitch.
English, Slovenian
Idrija Lace narrow tape lace$60.00
Idrija Lace school
Bits of lace 3 These two parts book of Idrija patterns, is an arrangement to act as an instructional manual for beginners as well as a pattern book for the continuing Idrija student. The first part of the book includes exercises that teach the fundamentals of narrow cloth stitch with an accompanying pattern the student can make to apply these techniques. The second part includes intermediate to advance patterns combining all skills.
English, Slovenian
Tiere in Tüll $64.50
Ulrike Voelcker
 Tiere in TüllThis new 96 pages book contains 16 patterns in tulle technique with animals, include a squirrel, cat sitting at a window, hoopoe, kingfisher, dragonfly I, cat facing dog, cat with a ball of wool, crane, frog, hummingbird, singing bird, dragonfly II, grasshopper, little egret, butterfly and harvest mouse. Technical drawings in color (A4) and black and white (A1). Separate sheets in large formats.
German and English
Nouvelles créations Dentelle Torchon $65.00
Martine Piveteau
Nouvelles créations Dentelle Torchon "Passion, savoir-faire, and creation in 21 timeless models" Brand NEW work with 21 beautiful patterns in Torchon Lace, drawn by the author: round, square, rectangular, hexagonal placemats, fantasy pieces with a heart and a very beautiful and elegant fan. With color photos. This experienced lacemaker is a renowned designer: she designs, creates, draws, tests, and implements all her models.
Techniques avancées dentelle aux fuseaux $65.00
Centre d'enseignement de la dentelle au fuseau
Techniques avancées dentelle aux fuseauxThe second volume of Bobbin lace to perfect your technique and learn more complex stitches. Here, Mick Fouriscot presents 85 new models which aim to further develop mastery of techniques. Each model is presented clearly and in detail using numerous diagrams. Both beginner and experienced lace makers will learn from this series of simple to more complicated patterns. Bobbin lace will hold no secrets for you!
DENTELLE - Pochettes en Clunny Polychrome de Brioude $65.00
Odette Arpin
 DENTELLE - Pochettes en Clunny Polychrome de Brioude The 19th and 20th centuries using the technique of Cluny polychrome de Brioude. The revisited design, the elegant use of color, proves here that the lace art knows how to reinvent itself while retaining its roots. Discover 10 pockets in Brioude polychrome Cluny classified in ascending order of level. Make these models thanks to the detailed explanations and the many diagrams. Take inspiration from these beautiful contemporary laces to create your own variations.
point Ground slightly differently $55.00
Dana Mihulkova, Irena Ring
ARABESQUE DE CORDOUE- CAHIER DE DENTELLEPont ground lace in a larger grid. 26 pages booklet with 17 patterns, photos, and technical drawings. The patterns are expandable in both width and length and for a wide range. Suitable as an application for bags, cases, backpacks, cushion covers, or as scarves, curtains, Table runners, hangers, etc.
German, English.
Bedfordshire Lace Designs $64.50
Louise West
ARABESQUE DE CORDOUE- CAHIER DE DENTELLE The book contains 29 new designs, ranging from beginner to Bedfordshire, through to advanced floral designs. The first patterns have detailed instructions with diagrams and techniques included. The more advanced patterns have few instructions leaving the interpretation more open to the individual lacemaker's preference. Quality photos throughout. Also included are tips for the lacemakers, some of which have not been published before.
Blackwork - la tradition réinventée en 60 projets $60.00
Ingo Weisbarth
Blackwork - la tradition réinventée en 60 projets Blackwork is an embroidery of counted stitches, traditionally black with shadow effects. Ingo Weisbarth revisits this tradition by using color and playing with geometric patterns for a contemporary look. Rediscover a revisited tradition. Graphic patterns to apply on all supports. As a bonus, a collection of patterns and placement grid for an infinity of creations.
vol.1-Retini di fondo Pulled Thread Work $55.50
Giuliana Buonpadre
ARABESQUE DE CORDOUE- CAHIER DE DENTELLE This is a useful book for learning how to handle the fabric and the threads, includes diagrams and scans of finished projects and detailed explanations of working the techniques. A special section entitled "School of Stitches" illustrates stitches which are not pulled threads, but are needed for the embroidery projects outlined in the book. Some pulled thread projects are easy, and these are extensively described and illustrated in the book (cushions, lampshades, etc). But once you know the techniques you can also progress to "whitework", which was particularly popular in the 19th century for extremely elegant embroidering of sheets, curtains, and tablecloths.
Italian, English, and French
Vol.2- Counted Thread Work $55.50
Giuliana Buonpadre
ARABESQUE DE CORDOUE- CAHIER DE DENTELLEA manual in counted thread techniques including diagrams and photos of completed projects, the book begins with a special section that illustrates entirely how to work the stitches. Followed by various models, with lots of diagrams and instruction for a variety of projects.
Italian, English, and French
Vol.3 - IL Reticello $59.50
Giuliana Buonpadre
ARABESQUE DE CORDOUE- CAHIER DE DENTELLEIt is a basic handbook for learning and exploring this technique. The book illustrates all the various stages from the initial withdrawal of threads to the rendering of complex designs, which can be viewed in diagrams and photos of the finished projects. Reticella originated in sixteenth-century Venice, and which the author tried to re-launch with he's own interpretations in this book and subsequent publications can be used to bring a touch of elegance and transparency to a gift (covers, pincushions, cushion covers, etc.) or to any household linen items - pillows, table centers, tablecloths, sheets, curtains, etc.
Italian, English,
Italian, French
Vol. 5 - Fior di reticello $59.50
Giuliana Buonpadre
ARABESQUE DE CORDOUE- CAHIER DE DENTELLEFior di Reticello, which continues the theme of reticello begun in Volume 3, goes deep into the detail, especially for the new designs and the use of color in reticello: from just two colors to the wide variety found in the final section of the book. Many of the works illustrated are further enhanced by the use of the "punto Chiaro" technique. One particular example, which is explained in great detail with diagrams and photos. As mentioned in Volume 3, you have a greater possibility of working on more complex and delicate patterns if you have some knowledge and experience and if you follow the instructions in the book: here too I always start from a "simple" project, such as a cushion, and work up to larger and more complex items.
En Italien, anglais et français
Collection Ӏ $60.00
Kumiko Nakazakit
COLLECTION ӀA folder by Kumiko Nakazaki, the collection contains a total of 13 patterns in Binche lace: Young Polar Bear, Daffodil and Crocus,
Harmony, Bow, Mistletoe, Wild Rose,Campanula, Christmas Bear, Village Scene, Switzerland. Pricking and color diagrams included.
English, French
Broderie créative - La Broderie Blanche Portugaise $50.00
Yvette Stanton
 BRODERIE CREATIVE : LA BRODERIE BLANCHE PORTUGAISE In this book, Yvette Stanton reveals one of the styles of Portuguese embroidery: white embroidery with threads drawn from Guimarães. Appeared between 1940 and 1960, this embroidery fell into disuse before returning in force in the 80s. It has since been very popular with fans of embroidery. It generally runs on white or unbleached linen. The principle is as follows: we pull the threads, we make barrettes to make days and we embellish the work with embroidery stitches to make 3D patterns. Other pretty embroidery stitches are used for embellishment: the chain stitch, the eyelet stitch.
Jours à fils resserrés - Techniques d'une broderie ajourée Volume1 $62.o0
Marie-Hélène Jeanneau
JOURS A FILS RESSERRES TECHNIQUES D'UNE BRODERIE AJOUREE Discover this first bible of pull work stitch and patterns, the fruit of many years of research and experimentation. A perfect technique to embellish table linen, curtains, clothes, etc. with elegance and refinement. Find the detailed explanation of the basic points; and for each proposed motif, the composition scheme and the photo of the result
La broderie blanche pas à pas $62.00
Ayako Otsuka
LA BRODERIE BLANCHE PAS A PAS Step-by-step lessons with a clear photo and detailed explanations illustrated with drawings and to full-size templates, contemporary embroider will work on refined and elegant creations with the following techniques: English embroidery, Pull thread embroidery, Drawn Thread Embroidery, Hédébo embroidery, Schwalm embroidery. Ayako Otsuka makes you discover white embroidery through thirty contemporary models: placemats, cushions, napkin rings, teapot cover, baptism dress, crushing, bib, baby shoes… a range of pretty very precious works!
la dentelle de craponne - Le Fleuri et son Evolution $64.00
Odette Arpin
LA DENTELLE DE CRAPONNEThis book is produced in collaboration with the Hotel de la Dentelle de Brioude and Mde Arpin (M.O.F.). The first book about the Carponne lace that was developed in the 19th century in Craponne (France). The book contains the history of this type of lace as well as 12 patterns. Craponne lace is characterized by floral motifs all around, a cord that structures the pattern and plays with shadow and light.
Cahier de dentelle Arabesque de Cordoue $58.50
Angel Sanchez Sirviente.
ARABESQUE DE CORDOUE- CAHIER DE DENTELLEThe lace artist Angel Sanchez Sirviente was inspired by the Arab-Andalusian architectural ornaments, especially those of Cordoba, to create this unique style.
This lace is composed of sinuous laces opening on floral patterns.
This lace is distinguished by: the use of a gold or silver cord and the use of silk thread.
The stitches used are well known by the lacemakers making this lace accessible to all.
This book offers 15 projects, including 5 fans, to discover this unique spanish style

Motifs floraux art nouveau broderie au point de bayeux $60.00
Bruno Fogliazza
Motifs floraux art nouveau broderie au point de bayeux This book is an original way of transmitting Culture and Heritage by combining the know-how of the Middle Ages embroiderers and the overflowing creativity of the artists of the Art Nouveau period. 48 Art Nouveau floral motifs allowing you to revisit the embroidery at the point of Bayeux. Basic points and variants explained by detailed diagrams. Achievements made easier thanks to illustrated color diagrams and clear explanations.
Dentelle torchon - Passion Savoir-Faire $68.50
Martine Piveteau ,Mick Fouriscot
 Dentelle torchon - passion savoir-faire  Enter the world of Torchon lace, and follow the advice of an experienced and recognized lacemaker in her field! In this new hardcover book, she presents 20 original patterns: round, square, rectangular or hexagonal placemats! Pricking and working diagram included for each pattern.
Florale herzen $52.50
Elfi Krüger
Florale herzen  This booklet contains 24 bobbin lace patterns for hearts in Florence, Rosaline, Honiton, Rococo, Duchesse and Bruges flower lace. Each one has a clear illustration, its pricking, a brief explanation and diagrams where necessary.
Sylvia Vollmer
Endlos Hardcover book that contains 14 patterns for scarves which are also suitable for table runners or other large projects. The patterns are in Torchon technique, often multi-colored and some of them made with comparatively few pairs. All patterns can be adjusted to the desired width and length. Photos, pickings and colour-coded diagrams included for each pattern
Hut Sabrina $16.00
Christine Mirecki
Hut Sabrina Folded flyer DIN A5 with bobbin Lace pattern and instructions for 2 hats With the popular Sabrina pattern, known for its scarf and shawl. (The blue hat is known as Hut Kim from my first hat book "Sommerhüt The material used: Goldschild linen 80/3
German, French, and English
Dreiecktuch Layla $28.50
Christine Mirecki
Dreiecktuch Layla Layla triangular shawl After the scarf and hat Layla, here is a shawl with the same pattern. Folded flyer DIN A5 with the pattern. The material used: about 75 gr. 3 different colors. Size : 180cm x 128 cm x 128 cm
German, French, and English
Rêve de dentelles Cluny et Guipure $59.oo
Nathalie Hubert
Rêve de dentelles Cluny et Guipure Back in stock
Lace Cluny and Guipure are in the spotlight in this book beautifully illustrated. Many diagrams and explanations from the author that will enable you to make 13 beautiful patterns; placemats (round, hexagonal, etc.), jewelry (bracelet, hand ornament, etc. ) and charming decorative elements. .
dentelle de lille du puy $60.00
Patrimoine de la dentelle
Dentelle de Lille du Puy Back in stock
This book proposes 35 motifs in point ground (Lille du Puy), in France. The motives include borders, round and oval motives at the intermediate level It makes you discover a kind of lace forgotten since the late nineteenth century and then practiced in the city of Puy-en-Velay.
Small Motifs in Idrija Technique$52 .00
Riet Delescen
schneeflöckchen weißröckchenThis booklet contains a introduction into Idrija Lace. All the technical details like corners, curves, sewing’s and decorative fillings are explained with text and diagrams. You will also find 28 small motifs in Idrija Lace, e.g. hearts, stars, butterflies, bells, a bird, a shell, a fish and many more.
Dutch, German, English
schneeflöckchen weißröckchen $52.00
Ulrike Voelcker
schneeflöckchen weißröckchenThe new book by Ulrike Voelcker contains 14 projects in Binche technique. As unusual in Binche but known from Mechlin Lace, Ulrike here workes with gimps. As the title indicates the focus is mainly on snowflakes in many variations. Pricking and colour-coded working diagrams included.
English, German
Geklöppelte klöppel$76.00
Barbara Corbet
Geklöppelte klöppelHardcover book 163 pages whit 34 patterns of different bobbin lace techniques from around the world; (Torchon, Flanders Lace, Cantù lace, duchesse lace, Binche, Hinojosa , etc.). For each pattern a pricking, color-coded diagram, photo of the finished piece, and explanation regarding the particular region and the characteristics of the type of lace. Also supplemented an introduction to the different types of bobbins type with explanations about the characteristics of the lace and country of origin
Mein Arbeitsheft Binche $32.50
Steffi Reinhardt, Katrin Zschoche, Allerlei Kleines
Mein Arbeitsheft Binche  Steffi Reinhardt has worked a lot with the drawing and designing of Binche-Lace and introduces her insights to technical drawings. The first chapter deals with the drawing of snowflakes, the second with the Vollwerk and in the third are 12 bobbin lace triangles, Easter eggs and a butterfly.