Pizzo de cantù7 $32.50
Pizzo de cantù7In this booklet, there are more than 20 patterns of different techniques including Milan lace, modern lace techniques and other lace techniques. You can find doilies and table runners, jewelry, some inserts for tablecloths, napkins, curtains, bedding appliqués and also a large round lace tablecloth (diameter about 150 cm). .
Florale Sterne $40.50
Elfi Krüger
Florale SterneThis booklet contains 17 bobbin lace patterns for stars in Florence, Rosaline, Honiton, Rococo, Duchesse and Bruges flower lace. Each one has a clear illustration, its pricking, a brief explanation and diagrams where necessary.
My Friends $60.00
Kumiko Nakazaki
My FriendsFolder with 8 patterns. Six in Binche lace, Watership Down, Cat Lovers, Medaillons, Cat Fantasy, Bear, Medaillon in color. One Flemish lace called Dogs, and one Duchesse pattern called Doggy's.
Perfect lace Technique 1 $59.50
Jana Novak
Perfect lace Technique 1The first part of the series "PERFECT LACE TECHNIQUE" is dedicated to the perfect beginning. For many applications there are explanations in the form of thread drawings and text. For example, pointed beginning, bent beginning, straight beginning, with edge pin after 4, in stitch linen, whole or half stitch, from right or from left, beginning with double picot 4 threads picot etc.
English, German, Danish, Czech
Perfect lace Technique2 $59.50
Jana Novak
Dancers in Red The second part of the series "PERFECT LACE TECHNIQUE" is dedicated to the crossing of pairs, crossing plaits, turn stitch, switching pairs with turn stitched etc. All the applications are in the form of thread drawings and text.
English, German, Danish, Czech
Spitzen une einsätze $40.50
Brigitte Bellon
 Spitzen une einsätzeThe author presents 25 different edgings and insertions, of various widths, modern and traditional. Each pattern comes with a straight edge pricking and a corner pricking, working diagram and a coloured photo.