Small Motifs in Idrija Technique $49.50
Riet Delescen
Small Motifs in Idrija Technique This booklet contains a introduction into Idrija Lace. All the technical details like corners, curves, sewing’s and decorative fillings are explained with text and diagrams. You will also find 28 small motifs in Idrija Lace, e.g. hearts, stars, butterflies, bells, a bird, a shell, a fish and many more.
Dutch, German, English
schneeflöckchen weißröckchen $52.00
Ulrike Voelcker
schneeflöckchen weißröckchenThe new book by Ulrike Voelcker contains 14 projects in Binche technique. As unusual in Binche but known from Mechlin Lace, Ulrike here workes with gimps. As the title indicates the focus is mainly on snowflakes in many variations. Pricking and colour-coded working diagrams included.
English, German
Geklöppelte klöppel$76.00
Barbara Corbet
Geklöppelte klöppelHardcover book 163 pages whit 34 patterns of different bobbin lace techniques from around the world; (Torchon, Flanders Lace, Cantù lace, duchesse lace, Binche, Hinojosa , etc.). For each pattern a pricking, color-coded diagram, photo of the finished piece, and explanation regarding the particular region and the characteristics of the type of lace. Also supplemented an introduction to the different types of bobbins type with explanations about the characteristics of the lace and country of origin
Mein Arbeitsheft Binche $32.50
Steffi Reinhardt, Katrin Zschoche, Allerlei Kleines
Mein Arbeitsheft Binche  Steffi Reinhardt has worked a lot with the drawing and designing of Binche-Lace and introduces her insights to technical drawings. The first chapter deals with the drawing of snowflakes, the second with the Vollwerk and in the third are 12 bobbin lace triangles, Easter eggs and a butterfly.

Wiener Spitzen $45.50
Hartmut Lang
All About Michlin LaceThe collection contains a total of 52 patterns, mostly of guipure or Cluny type but also including individual Torchon and tape lace patterns. The course begins with simple, narrow strips of lace and goes on to cover wider lace and even mats, medallions and insertions of various shapes for the advanced lace maker. In each case the original and the reconstructed lace are illustrated and accompanied by a lace pricking, coloured working diagram and numerous drawings of details. The book is, on the one hand, valuable as a historical document, for it shows a representative cross-section of Viennese lace at the beginning of the 20th century; on the other hand it can serve as a prolific source of patterns for inexperienced and experienced lace makers from which especially the popular international colour coding system can be learnt.
German, English and French.

Bobbin Lace Stars$48.50
Dana Mihulková und Irena Ring
Bobbin Lace Stars26 patterns for bobbin lace stars in point ground and/or honeycomb ground. The diameter of the stars is 10 or 14 cm and the pairs of bobbins used are 17 or 21 which seems not much compared to other point ground laces. Also, the used threads are thicker. Included for each pattern, photo, pricking and color-coded diagram
German and English .

Elisabetta Sforza
IN A WHEAT FIELDElisabetta Sforza combines wheat grains with matching flowers such as cornflower and poppy to create an alphabet and a few other small arrangements. Beautiful photos of The finished embroidery!
Italian and English .

FB creations The Hearts Bobbin lace pattern N°1$9.50
Francisca Botelho
All About Michlin LaceSquare in Torchon lace, Individual pattern comes with a pricking, a working color diagram decorative fillings are explained with text and diagrams a picture of the finished lace.
100% full size pattern.
54 pairs of bobbins.
Thread required: Egyptian cotton 40/3

English and French

FB creations Bobbin lace pattern N°2$9.50
Francisca Botelho
Bobbin lace pattern N°2 Individual pattern comes with a pricking, a working color diagram decorative fillings are explained with text and diagrams a picture of the finished lace. 100% full size pattern.
46 pairs pf bobbins.
2 pairs of gimp DMC floss
Thread required: Egyptian cotton 40/3

English and French.

FB creations Bobbin lace pattern N°3$9.50
Francisca Botelho
Bobbin lace pattern N°3Rectangle in Torchon lace, Individual pattern comes with a pricking, a working color diagram decorative fillings are explained with text and diagrams a picture of the finished lace.
100% full size pattern.
54 pairs pf bobbins. 4 pairs cocons de Calais au chinois 6941(optional)
1 pairs of gimp DMC floss
Thread required: Egyptian cotton fill au chinois 40/3,

English and French. .

all about making Geometrical Bucks Point Lace $68.00
Alexandra Stillwell
All About Michlin Lace Back in stock
In this 262 pages book the author explains how to make Geometrical Bucks Point Lace. Therefore, the lace maker will learn fundamental lessons on where to begin and end the work, how to design a corner for a piece of lace and how to create a hexagonal mat based on a pattern for straight lace. The book includes 33 projects with a pricking for each pattern, illustrations of the finished work and enlargements of details.
All about Michlin lace$55.00
Alexandra Stillwell
All About Michlin Lace Alexandra Stillwell presents a comprehensive textbook of Mechlin lace, a detailed course in 23 chapters. Mechlin lace, a very fine lace, was en vogue in the 18th century. The book is primarily aimed to the lace makers who want to study the Mechlin technique thoroughly.
English .

Naar de Bron Back To Roots A Technical Approach to Early Binche $98.50
Nora Andries
Naar de Bron   Back To Roots $ 98.50
A Technical Approach to Early Binche
Hardcover book 183 page. Comes with an English, French and German translation. The book examines 22 early Binche patterns from the late 17th and early 18th centries that derive from the top collections of Santa Karolus Borromeus Church in Antwerp and the St. Gomaruskirche in Lier, plus private collections. They include a photo of the old and new constructions, technical diagrams and lots of detailed drawings of specific techniques represented in each pattern.

bobijntje! 7 $68.00
Fumie Kanai
BOBIJNTJE! 7 The newest folder by Fumie Kanai consists of 14 Binche patterns and one motif of flowers and butterflies in Rosaline perlée. The binche patterns are mainly lace edgings for round or square-cut doilies. In the lace you can find some plants and animals like e.g. roses, tulips, rabbits, deer, peafowl and sparrow. Pricking and color diagrams included.

fiandra a tre paia $49.50
Diana Dussi
Fiandra a tre paia Fiandra a tre paia is a delicate tape lace with many curves, crossings, picots and sewings. It is common in the Italian province Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is worked with only three pairs of bobbins. The book is a detailed introduction into this type of lace. After a brief historical overview and some general rules follow the practical pattern which contains all specialities of Fiandra lace. These are all explained with text and step-by-step-photographs so you can learn and practice them. The author presents 12 patterns. There, she deviates from the pure Fiandra a tre paia technique as she uses colours, combines the tapes with tapes of other techniques and adorns them with tallies and plaited flowers. Inspiration often comes from nature (autumn tree, leaves, mushrooms) but you will also find jewellery, abstract applications and decorations for handkerchiefs. With the aid of this book everyone can engage in the technique and will soon be able to work a decorative lace with few pairs. Like this the Fiandra a tre paia will certainly gain more followers outside of Italy, too.
Italian, Gernan, English.

opletané palickované cipky $65.00
Vít'azoslav Mišík
OPLETANÉ PALICKOVANÉ CIPKY Older lace makers will perhaps remember Vít'azoslav Mišík's 1988 lace-up textbook Škola Palickovania. A DIN A4-sized book with a 3 cm thick package of bobbin lace. A second volume was already finished in 1989, but did not go to printing. It was not until 2017 that the children of the author, who died in 1992, decided to publish the second book from the estate. This second book now contains 62 lace patterns in the traditional style of the Slovak bobbin lace regions (including Hont, Špania Dolina and Novohrad). These are lace and inserts in Torchon technique with thick contour lines. A few patterns show modern applications of traditional technique (table runner, wall hanging, round doily).
En Slovaque.

variationer i torchon Torchon Variationen Variation in Torchon $38.00
Linda Valbjørn Olsen
VARIATIONER I TORCHON / TORCHON-VARIATIONEN / VARIATIONS IN TORCHON One Torchon lace design (with Torchon stitch, Roseground, small hearts in half stitch and gimps) is modified here to 10 very different patterns. The author plays with shapes, colours, sizes and applications. Amongst others, we find a handkerchief edge, a table runner, a rectangular and a hexagonal insertion, edgings for round and oval mats, a square mat and hearts with handles which – filled with sweets and little presents – are meant as decoration for the typical Danish Christmas tree. Illustration of the finished lace, pricking and colour coded working diagram included for each pattern.
English, Danish, German.
merletto napoletano $43.50
Mena Renzi
 Merletto Napoletano The bobbin lace Neapolitan is technically similar to the well-known Idrija lace. Here the tape is worked with raw silk not twisted, the ground and braid sometimes is worked with gold thread. Mena Renzi has reconstructed seven patterns for edgings and doilies based on old patterns. The booklet contains the priking and color photos (sometimes enlarged) of the finished laces.
Perfect Lace Technique $59.50
Jana Novak
Perfect Lace Technique The third part of the series "PERFECT LACE TECHNIQUE" is dedicated to corners, gimp threads, curves, tips of Christmas stars, etc. All the applications are in the form of thread drawings and
English, French Dutch, and German.
Brugs begijhof $34.50
Kantcentrum Brugge
Brugs begijhofA pattern sheet folder. "Inside the walls of the Bruges Béguinage". Design by Anne -Marie- Billiet, in Flanders lace.

Dutch, French, German and English
Skyline Van Brugge $34.50
Kantcentrum Brugge
Skyline Van Brugge A pattern sheet folder with a panorama of Brugge, design by: Anne -Marie- Billiet, in Flanders lace. Work in Egyptian cotton 80/2, 156 pairs of bobbins

Dutch, French, German and English
Spécial Brugge 2018 Basic $60.00
Kantcentrum Brugge
Especial Brugge 2018 Basic.Folder with 13 pattern sheets: Bookmark in Lille lace, Butterfly in needle lace, Table runner in Torchon, Dream Catcher in freehand lace technique, Small Paris flower, Belt pouch in coarse Bruges flowers work, Small Oval in point ground, Scarf in Torchon, Full Circle in Torchon, Earth Mandala in Russian tape lace, Church Roof Trusses in Flanders lace, Libellulle in contemporary lace design
Dutch, French, German and English
Spécial Brugge 2018 Expert $60.00
Kantcentrum Brugge
Spécial Brugge 2018 Expert.Folder with 13 pattern sheets: key to the Heart in fine Bruges flowers work, Beveren Lace, Small Rond in valenciennes, Flowers of the Field in fine Bruges work, Water Lily in needle lace, Posy of Flowers in needle lace, Horn of Plenty in old Flemish lace, My lady ӀӀӀ in Michelin lace, Medallion in binche, Flower Pot in Paris lace, Little Michelin lace, Little Tulip in Binche lace,
Dutch, French, German and English
Bobbin-Made Jewellery from Metal threads $62.00
Martina Wolter-Kampmann
Bobbin-Made Jewellery from Metal threads Size M (42/44)
The new book of the author in bobbin lace jewellery. More than 20 pieces of jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, brooches, pendants and earrings) made of metal thread. Pricking included. To see the recommended threads for this book please click on:

English, German
THREADS FOR LACE– Edition7 $38.50
Brenda Paternoster
Bolero and Jacke AlexaSize M (42/44)
The last new Edition of the author in nearly 1900 threads thicknesses. This is a comprehensive survey of as many different threads, the threads are listed in groups under fibre type and then alphabetically by manufacturer. This is followed by comparisons of thread thicknesses based on wraps/cm.
Ulrike Voelcker
VON HERZENA matter of the heart her newest publication. A workbook which explains step by step techniques for advanced point ground lace, 18 patterns in different degrees of difficulty, explain different problems in point ground laces and show the solutions.
English, German

Bolero and Jacke Alexa $30.00
Christine Mirecki
Bolero and Jacke AlexaSize M (42/44)
Bolero and jacket in bobbin lace Booklet with pattern and work instructions.
Material required for the jacket- about 80g
Michelle Andreu
VARIATIONS DENTELLIÈRESMichelle Andreu has reconstructed and reworked old lace for this collection. Each pattern comes with colour-photographs, its pricking and a colour-coded working diagram. It is a good blend of different types of lace such as Torchon, Point Ground, Guipure and Freehand lace.
Moderne Gründe $128.50
A quite handy hardcover book of 321 pages in modern ground stitches that shows 32 designs. An extensive collection of grounds that shows how existing traditional and known causes are transformed into new modern grounds by changes (grid, moving needle points, highlighting lines, experimenting with different yarns, etc.). You will find an assortment of Snowflakes, Flandrischer Ground, Rose grounds, Oblique ornamental ground, Milanese grounds, Hunnia grounds- they all form the basis for the variations and changes presented here. Further technical chapter on grid changes, corner and edge design, the beginning and end as well as the reinforcement of the tip round out the collection of Modern Grounds. This is a great reference book and especially if you want to design your own patterns.
Schmetterlinge, flieg butterflies $22.50
Ulrike Voelcker
Available again! Using techniques from the free laces like Duchesse, Withof & Honiton, Ulrike Löhr has designed two exceptional books depicting butterflies and bugs. Extraordinarily realistic design and superb execution.
Pizzo de cantù7 $32.50
Pizzo de cantù7In this booklet, there are more than 20 patterns of different techniques including Milan lace, modern lace techniques and other lace techniques. You can find doilies and table runners, jewelry, some inserts for tablecloths, napkins, curtains, bedding appliqués and also a large round lace tablecloth (diameter about 150 cm). .
Florale Sterne $42.50
Elfi Krüger
Florale SterneThis booklet contains 17 bobbin lace patterns for stars in Florence, Rosaline, Honiton, Rococo, Duchesse and Bruges flower lace. Each one has a clear illustration, its pricking, a brief explanation and diagrams where necessary.
My Friends $60.00
Kumiko Nakazaki
My FriendsFolder with 8 patterns. Six in Binche lace, Watership Down, Cat Lovers, Medaillons, Cat Fantasy, Bear, Medaillon in color. One Flemish lace called Dogs, and one Duchesse pattern called Doggy's.
Perfect lace Technique 1 $59.50
Jana Novak
Perfect lace Technique 1The first part of the series "PERFECT LACE TECHNIQUE" is dedicated to the perfect beginning. For many applications there are explanations in the form of thread drawings and text. For example, pointed beginning, bent beginning, straight beginning, with edge pin after 4, in stitch linen, whole or half stitch, from right or from left, beginning with double picot 4 threads picot etc.
English, German, Danish, Czech
Perfect lace Technique2 $59.50
Jana Novak
Dancers in Red The second part of the series "PERFECT LACE TECHNIQUE" is dedicated to the crossing of pairs, crossing plaits, turn stitch, switching pairs with turn stitched etc. All the applications are in the form of thread drawings and text.
English, German, Danish, Czech
Spitzen une einsätze $40.50
Brigitte Bellon
 Spitzen une einsätzeThe author presents 25 different edgings and insertions, of various widths, modern and traditional. Each pattern comes with a straight edge pricking and a corner pricking, working diagram and a coloured photo.