Herbarium $65.00
Giuliana Buonpadre
Herbarium In “Herbarium” Giuliana Buonpadre, showing how to create an embroidery that free the motifs their rigidity making them more real, more alive. There are lots of tips, notes and explanations about material, colours, order of work; for some elements there are also thread diagrams or sketches. With many illustrations and photos of details of the work.
English and Italian
Il reticello $68.50
Paola Barbieri
Il reticello  Deruta sfilatoReticello embroidery is a part of the Punto Antico Embroidery. In this book Paola Barbieri, show the preparation of material,38 different filling explained stept-by-step with diagrams of the different stages and brief but precise instructions. 31 pages booklet.
English translation
guida al ricamo hedebo $35.00
Laura marzorati e Stefania Bressan
Deruta Sfilati-DueHedebo is a popular form of whitework originating in the Hedebo region of Denmark. This book is a Guide on Hedebo embroidery, showing step-by-step how skirting the tiny holes, cutting away the material, different stitching and individual motifs. Very easy to follow even without knowledge of Italian.
lenzuola, samplers a punto antico$60.00
Giuliana Buondre
lenzuola, samplers a punto anticoIn this book the author percents a collection of is work which were exhibited at “Italia Invita” in various years. A beautiful book with a large selection of clear patterns with diagrams and photos of the stitches used. This can be as expiration for other designs.
English French and Italian
punto antico in veneto $55.00
Giuliana Buonpadre
punto antico in veneto Punto Antico is a combination of a variety of techniques: drawn tread embroidery motifs in satin stitch and bullion stitch, riticella filling. Explained with clear diagrams followed by several designs for tablecloths. The motifs can be put together and altered to form new patterns as you like.
English French and Italian
Guida al ricamo reticelle creativo $51.50
Laura Marzorati
Guida al ricamo reticelle creativoA guide in Reticello embroidery for beginners with clear photographs and step-by-step instructions. Starting with basic stitches, preparation of fabric, and with a gallery of photo on how to work the traditional stitches. A practical and indispensable guide for this embroidery. Easy to follow evenwithout knowledge of Italian.
Disegni di reticello antico $48.50
Maria Del Popolo
Disegni di reticello anticoMaria Del Popolo shows the many possibilities of varying reticello motifs. Can be put together to form plants and flowers or used as purely geometric decorations, as edgings or insertions in the center of the cloth.