Invisible $78.95
Martina Wolter-Kampmann
InvisibleThis instruction manual teaches you ways of starting and finishing bobbin lace which are invisible, and not only from the front, even on the back of the lace in order to avoid those annoying knots. Martina Wolter-Kampmann has perfected the use of the lazy loop. With 22 practice prickings, she teaches all kinds of bobbin lace for which she really manages to make the beginning and end invisible using lazy loops and making it clear with the DVD that comes with the book
German, English >
Die kunst des häkelns the art of sewing $17.50
Ulrike Voelcker
Die kunst des häkelns the art of sewing A guide booklet to Easy and perfect sewing in the art of lace making. A must in every lacemaking library
English and German
The Beginning of the End $69.95
Ulrike Voelcker
The Beginning of the End This book is a “must” in every lacemakers library! It has all the information that is needed to know about how to start and finish in bobbin lace.
English, German
The grammar of point ground $65.00
Ulrike Voelcker
The grammar of point ground  A 160 page volume that explains the special features on point ground The topics explain threads, pin thicknesses, angle of the ground, adding and removing pairs, honeycomb net, gimp threads, footsides and headsides, picots, decorations & corners. Beginning and ending the work is presented in many diagrams. This book is intended to further develop the ground lace techniques.
English, German
Klôppeln $69.95
Ulrike Voelcker




Klôppeln  A reference book for advanced lacemakers. An indispensable source of information about all kind of technical problems which can arise during work. A manual with 400 tricks shown with a lot a photos and diagrams very easy to follow even without knowledge in German.
El encaje hinojosa historia y técnica $52.50
Mariña Regueiro Gonzàlez-Barros
El Encaje Hinojosa Historia y TécnicaThis 240 pages book is a treasure of History and techniques of Hinoja Lace a tape lace (rather like Milanese Lace), which was worked until the middle of the 20th century in the village of Hinojosa (Extremadura). Special techniques are explained with 24 possible variations of the tape which are worked with 10 or 12 pairs. 65 patterns for a fan, leave, application motifs, and lots more, photo of the finished lace, and pricking.
Spanish, French, English and German
Drafting torchon lace patterns $42.50
Alexandra Stillwell
Drafting torchon lace patterns An important factor in achieving good lace is to use an accurate pricking, and to draft it oneself is one answer. This easy to use spiral bound book teaches the lace makers everything about drafting Torchon patterns using paper and pencil. 148 pages, 205 monochrome photographs and line drawings
Logarithmie lace $34.50
Deborah Robinson
Logarithmie lace This book provides all types of logarithmic grids. Explore the possibilities to be creative. The book includes examples, background information and a wide range of ready-made grids.