Dentelle torchon - Passion Savoir- Faire $68.50
Martine Piveteau ,Mick Fouriscot

Dentelle torchon - passion savoir-faire  Enter the world of Torchon lace, and follow the advice of an experienced and recognized lacemaker in her field! In this new hardcover book, she presents 20 original patterns: round, square, rectangular or hexagonal placemats! Pricking and working diagram included for each pattern.
Sylvia Vollmer
EndlosHardcover book that contains 14 patterns for scarves which are also suitable for table runners or other large projects. The patterns are in Torchon technique, often multi-colored and some of them made with comparatively few pairs. All patterns can be adjusted to the desired width and length. Photos, pickings and colour-coded diagrams included for each pattern
xxl stropkant$52.50
Hubert Van Hoorebeke
OPLETANÉ PALICKOVANÉ CIPKY This folder from Kantcentrum contains 8 wide Torchon patterns.Four place mats (about 25x40cm), two table runners (about 30cm wide) as well as insertions and edges for scarf’s or tablecloths. Some of the patterns have been worked with black thread, but you could just as well use any other colour.
English, French Dutch, German
opletané palickované cipky $65.00
Vít'azoslav Mišík
OPLETANÉ PALICKOVANÉ CIPKY Older lace makers will perhaps remember Vít'azoslav Mišík's 1988 lace-up textbook Škola Palickovania. A DIN A4-sized book with a 3 cm thick package of bobbin lace. A second volume was already finished in 1989, but did not go to printing. It was not until 2017 that the children of the author, who died in 1992, decided to publish the second book from the estate. This second book now contains 62 lace patterns in the traditional style of the Slovak bobbin lace regions (including Hont, Špania Dolina and Novohrad). These are lace and inserts in Torchon technique with thick contour lines. A few patterns show modern applications of traditional technique (table runner, wall hanging, round doily).
variationer i torchon Torchon Variationen Variation in Torchon $38.00
Linda Valbjørn Olsen
VARIATIONER I TORCHON / TORCHON-VARIATIONEN / VARIATIONS IN TORCHON One Torchon lace design (with Torchon stitch, Roseground, small hearts in half stitch and gimps) is modified here to 10 very different patterns. The author plays with shapes, colours, sizes and applications. Amongst others, we find a handkerchief edge, a table runner, a rectangular and a hexagonal insertion, edgings for round and oval mats, a square mat and hearts with handles which – filled with sweets and little presents – are meant as decoration for the typical Danish Christmas tree. Illustration of the finished lace, pricking and colour coded working diagram included for each pattern.
English, Danish, and German.
Klöppeln im Ring $37.00
Sylvia Vollmer
Milchstrabe in binche 15 designs for round motifs, which can be used as window pictures in metal rings. Also could be use as a Christmas decorations, as a cover, as an insert for glass coasters. For some patterns the amount of pairs required is 48 the others are mostly under 20 pairs. Much of the patterns can be worked on by beginners.
Sylvia Vollmer
Sternendecke in binche18 Patterns for edging borders in different forms in Torchon technique. The amount of bobbin to work the patterns is 10 to 14 pairs. To each pattern is the picture of the finished lace, color code working diagram. To some patterns, there are also variants.
Sterntaler $48.50
Sylvia Vollmer
SterntalerAttractively hard book cover with 34 colourful Torchon lace stars for the Christmas tree, pricking and colour-coded working diagrams with useful technical hints.
12 Hearts in Danish Torchon $59.50
Kirsten Skov
Landscape in Flanders 12 patterns for Torchon hearts, 26 cm wide. The hearts can be used as wall or table decorations, as applications on cloths and cushions or as clatter doilies; they are suitable for Christmas or for Valentine’s Day. Full-sized illustrations, lace pricking and colour-coded working diagrams.
English and German
torchon-Mustertuch baby-block$29.95
Petra Tschanter
Hexe in bänderspitze The patterns in this book are based on the log cabin method that is familiar with patchwork. Transferred to bobbin lace, this idea provided the inspiration for quite astonishing samplers with 3-D effects. With color diagrams, the author explains exactly how such blocks are
blumen für fenster und tisch$48.50
Christine Mericki
Border in lace for table runnersHead lace for table runner: 28cmx24cm.
Individual pattern in full size pricking with diagram and a picture of the finished lace
Lace and colour $39.50
Christine Mirecki
Middle in lace for table runnersThis new booklet contains patterns for 12 colourful scarves. Two of the scarves are quite original because of the coloured pairs that are used so cleverly that the individual forms have different colours in each repeat of the pattern. The result is very colourful! None of these scarves has previously been exhibited anywhere or the pattern offered for sale on its own.
English French German
Klöppelmuster für Schals und Tischläufer $29.50
Brigitte Bellon
Middle in lace for table runnersIn this book Brigitte Bellon presents a variety of scarves or table runners easy to make in coloured silks and cotton threads. 13 patterns with coloured pictures and pricking on separate sheets.
Discover,explore,master torchon Ι $40.50
Ulrike Voelcker
Tournesoleil n°29Torchon lace is the first recommended lace to be learned, and even more important it is the base for further techniques. This expending book is written for lacemakers with basic bobbin lace knowledge to facilitate lacemakers studying on their own to explore and master Torchon lace. Part I contains 126 pages with 75 prickings and full color diagrams.
English, German
Discover,explore,master torchon ΙΙ $40.50
Ulrike Voelcker
Couleurs Ananas" n°44
This second book offers a wide variety of lace, shawls, curtains and much more.
English, German
Discover,explore,master torchon ΙΙΙ $40.50
Ulrike Voelcker
Poinsettias" n°46This is the third volume of the series.The purpose of this workbook is to teach the lacemaker to read and understand the pricking and diagrams, make changes to the patterns, develop a deep understanding of the techniques and its connections, build up a solid base for those who would like to learn to design themselves.
English, German

Spinnen, Spinnen,Spinnen $35.50
Hildegard Glos
Middle in lace for table runnersSpiders are well-known as decorative elements in Torchon Lace. This book presents 83 different spiders. For each spider, there is a clear illustration and a colored working diagram.
Two curtains $27.50
Christine Mericki
Middle in lace for table runners16 Pages booklet, for two curtains in Torchon technique, could be change for any window size, the curtains size can be determined by the number of repeats.
English, French, German
La dentelle torchon (vol2) $55.50
Martine Piveteau
Middle in lace for table runnersThis beautifully illustrated book contains 18 exciting new patterns: round, square, rectangular and hexagonal mats, and a windmill. The creativity and new techniques to learn all patterns are shown in this volume. Pricking is included.
la dentelle torchon de cholet 2 $55.00
Mick Fouriscot Martine Piveteau
la dentelle torchon de cholet 2Beautiful as the first one. 25 patterns, that are fully diagrammed in color with detailed diagrams of special grounds and techniques.
dentelle vagabonde$29.95
Michelle Andreu
dentelle vagabondeA nice colorful booklet with 10 easy Torchon patterns, decorated with additional embroidery. Lace pieces for everyday use including twoedgings for mats or handkerchiefs, and a needle book, lace for the cupboard shelf, sachets, bookmark and more. Very easy to work with color diagrams lace, pricking on separate sheets, easy to follow even without knowledge in Français
la dentelleaux fuseaux creative $25.00
Michelle Andreau
Fleuri printanier n°47  This book presents a very nice collection of everyday use lace pieces in Torchon like bookmarks, doily for a bread basket, book folders and trims for bags and scarf. Very easy to work with color diagrams, laces pricking on separate sheets, easy to follow even without knowledge in french.
dentelle aux fuseaux pour ma maison$30.00
Michelle Andreu
Tombent les feuilles... n°43 In this N˚8 booklet of lace making contains more than 20 little projects, mostly in Torchon technique. The patterns can be used for serviette rings or bookmarks, for buttons, as insertions for bistro curtains, edgings for handkerchiefs, applied motifs and much more.

servietter I lange baner $45.50
Anne Marie Turking
Grand Jour n°28In this volume, you will find 13 various square patterns in Torchon lace. All squares are worked with exactly 58 pairs, could be put together as you like as a table runner or tablecloth or table set. For each square there is an illustration, the lace pricking and a coloured working diagram.
English, Danish.
Flower in pink & pulpel $10.50
Alexandra Stillwell
Tournesoleil n°29An instructions booklet how to make in Torchon lace a 3D flower . Complete with pricking, diagram and instructions.
Handkerchief Bonnet n˚1 With Torchon Edging $10.50
Alexandra Stillwell
Handkerchief Bonnet n˚1 With Torchon EdgingAn instructions booklet to make a Torchon lace wedding Handkerchief That later as a tradition could be transformed on a baby's christening bonnet.
An introduction to Charted Bobbin Lace$20.00
Deborah Robinson
Charted bobbin lace is a practical lace very easy to learn. It features a square ground that can be applied to any of the wealth of cross stitch, file lace or filet crochet patterns.