Fabric Stiffener

Fabric Stiffener $6.00
Create permanent projects quickly & easily, safe to use on lace

Grandma's secret Spot removeGrandma's secret Spot remover $7.00
Removes: Stamping Inks, Paints, Pencil    Marks, Yellowing, Oil, Blood, and Grease & Glue it works.  Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover works like no other spot remover, doing a terrific job at removing those stains that seem impossible to get out

Acid-Free Tissue PaperAcid-Free Tissue Paper $8.00
12 Sheets of 60cmx45½cm (23¾"x18")
To  protect and store your valuable

Continuous  Zipper #5 AluminumContinuous Zipper #5 Aluminum $4.50
Available in: beige and black.  Ideal   for bags and  other  projects, who required zippers, to which are so difficult to find the right size.  Sold by the meter.  With Zipper Sliders, 1 way, Aluminum and zipper bottom stop