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Floss Silk

The Yuletide (Full Pack) Embroidery pack consist of 10 different festive shades.
Floss Silk packs consist of 10 different colours of luxurious floss silks.
Every shade has been carefully selected
There are 10 shades in each pack, thoughtfully chosen to blend beautifully with each other.
Lace Makers and embroiderers who use floss silk in their lace designs can revel in the assortment of colours  

140/2-Spun Silk

Spun silks has a smooth, silky texture and a matt sheen and is undoubtedly a superb silk thread.
Spun Silks can be used for bobbin lacemaking, general sewing/needlework, Blackwork, counted cross-stitch work and machine knitting; they will produce a soft, muted effect.

Available in packaging consisting of 5 different colors on a 100 m reel
featuring the most beautiful spun silk shades with a gentle matte lustre.
Also available in individual bobbins of 200m : White, Black and ecru

32 count embroidery linen 12 threads per cm

High quality linen with a regular weave eat just enough starch.
These two characteristics make embroidery a pleasure and contribute to the beauty of the finished work..
Brand: Maison Sajou

Soie OvaleTM

Soie Ovale, fil “plat”, peu retordu d’une brillance intense, fabriquée en base de Pure Soie.
Cette soie est notamment parfaite pour la peinture à l’aiguille.
Pour la dentelle aux fuseaux, elle est parfaite aussi comme cordonnet et aussi pour un effet plus étoffe comme meneur de mat ou de grille dans un motif torchon, également dans la blonde.
*Equivalent to: Finca perle 8, Fresia linen 30/3

Soie d'Alger

At Ver a Soie, the Silk d'Alger is a 7-ply spun-milled silk, which is easily divided.
Soft, shiny and smooth, it is made from a spun silk called "strusas" which gives it unequaled regularity for hand embroidery and lace making.
Skeins of 5 meters.

Fil au chinois silk perlé

Fil au chinois perlé silk thread is glossy and resistant.
It is ideal for bobbin lace, cross stitch it is traditionally used for buttonholes as well topstitching on fabric or leather.
Close to the equivalent of the goldschild 80/3.

Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread 50

Mettler 50 Cotton Silk Finishing Thread gets its name from its silky appearance, but it is not really silk - it is a premium mercerized cotton thread.
Equivalent to: Madeira Tanna/Cotona 30
Tambolo 40

Madeira Cotona n°80

Madeira Cotona n°80 has all the characteristics of the Cotona n°30 in a thinner weight.
It is widely used for heirloom sewing, creating monograms and bobbin lace work.
Thin, yet strong, this sturdy yarn is a good choice for lace makers who would like to give colour to their beautiful lace projects.
Equivalent to cotton Egyptian n°80


N°100/3 100% Soie filé

The thread on which GÜTERMANN was founded. Synonymous with quality and luxury; the 100% Gütermann spun silk yarn has a magnificent luster.
Ideal for embroidery, bobbin lace, for hand and machine sewing.

Available in 100m reel.