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Guide Pratique La Guipure Du Puy

Nathalie Hubert

$ 65.95  CAD


In the 19th century, the lacemakers of Le Puy seized on this technique and reworked it to adapt it to fashion.
Guipure du Puy was born and the Larousse gives the following definition: "The name guipure du Puy applies especially to bobbin lace in black silk."
For the first time, an untapped fund of patterns made in color is brought together in a single volume to pay tribute to a tradition that knows how to reinvent itself.
After a brief technical reminder, 50 patterns are available with detailed explanations.
For each you will find the color photo of the lace, the stitching, the color code, and diagrams if necessary.
144 pages - reissue of volumes 1 and 2.
A work carried out under the aegis of the Puy-en-Velay Bobbin Lace Teaching Center

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Text in French

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