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140/2 Spun silk pack


$ 19.00  CAD


140/2 Spun Silk can be used for either embroidery, lacemaking or needlework.
By comparison, it is a little thinner than one strand of DMC Stranded Cotton but can easily be plied in the needle to the desired thickness.
It is a twisted spun silk and can be used in detailed embroidery, or other needlework projects, its texture and sheen offer a unique and refined touch.

Additional Details:

Colours available in the package
1. Navy
2. Royal Blue
3. Saxe Blue
4. Flax Blue
5. Dark Delft Blue
For lacemaking 140/2 Spun Silk is equivalent to:
Egyptian 80/2,
Madeira Tanne 50
Silk Packs consist of 5 x 100m cops

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