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Petite Nation


$ 42.00  CAD


Trillium is happy to introduce "Petite Nation bobbin" made by a woodworker of the Outaouais region.
With the characteristics that make a difference.
This quality bobbin has a round head which facilitates the unwinding of the thread and a pointed end that makes it easier to sew.
Its long smooth shank makes it easy to handle. Made with an exotic wood that is sometimes called cardinal wood, for its obvious and beautiful deep pink color. With age, its color darkens, but not significantly.
This wood gives the bobbin a good weight, which is ideal for a good tension to the lace .

Additional Details:

Doubleheader 4"¾ long
The price is for a dozen bobbins ( 6 pairs)
(Individual bobbins are 3.50$, contact us if you require a specific quantity)
10% discount on 5 dozens of bobbins
10 dozens 25% discount

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