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International Square


$ 36.00  CAD


Trillium is pleased to introduce a new International Square Bobbin made by a woodworker of the Outaouais region. Purpleheart wood, which gives the bobbin a good weight, ideal for getting good tension to the lace.
With features that make the difference, flat sides that don't roll as much on the pillow, a close head to hold the thread much better, a longer neck to hold more thread and a long smooth handle makes it easy to handle.
Ideal for different types of lace.

Additional Details:

Doubleheader 4"3/4 long
Purpleheart wood is an exotic wood, originating in central and South America.
The price is for a dozen of bobbins (6 pairs)
(Individual bobbins are 3.00$, contact us if you require a specific quantity).
10% discount on 5 dozens of bobbins
10 dozens 25%

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