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Fiandra a Tre Paia

Diana Dussi

$ 53.00  CAD


Fiandra a tre paia is a delicate tape lace with many curves, crossings, picots and sewings.

It is common in the Italian province Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is worked with only three pairs of bobbins.
The book is a detailed introduction into this type of lace.
After a brief historical overview and some general rules follow the practical pattern which contains all specialities of Fiandra lace.
These are all explained with text and step-by-step-photographs so you can learn and practice them.
The author presents 12 patterns.
There, she deviates from the pure Fiandra a tre paia technique as she uses colours, combines the tapes with tapes of other techniques and adorns them with tallies and plaited flowers. Inspiration often comes from nature (autumn tree, leaves, mushrooms) but you will also find jewellery, abstract applications and decorations for handkerchiefs.
With the aid of this book everyone can engage in the technique and will soon be able to work a decorative lace with few pairs.
Like this the Fiandra a tre paia will certainly gain more followers outside of Italy, too.

Additional Details:

Text in Italian, German, English

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